Internet Technology

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Internet Technology by Mind Map: Internet Technology

1. Network

1.1. A collection of a computers and devices connected together via communication device and transmission media to share resources

1.2. Advantages

1.2.1. Facilitating communications

1.2.2. Sharing hardware

1.2.3. Sharing data and formation

1.2.4. Sharing software

1.2.5. Transferring funds

1.3. Disadvantages

1.3.1. Viruses

1.3.2. Network failure

1.3.3. Slow service

1.3.4. Cost

1.3.5. Expert support required

2. Communication System

2.1. Sending device

2.1.1. Communication device Communication channel/ Transmission media Communication device

3. Communication Devices

3.1. Hardware or equipment which are designed to transfer signals or data from a sender to receiver.

3.1.1. E.g: Hub, switch, modem

4. Transmission Media

4.1. Consists of materials or substance capable of carrying one or more signals

4.2. Types

4.2.1. Wired Transmission Media

4.2.2. Wireless Transmission Media

5. Network Basic

5.1. Network architecture

5.1.1. The design of computers,devices and media on a network is sometimes called the network architecture

5.1.2. Type Peer-to-peer Client-Server

5.2. Networks

5.2.1. A network topology refers to the layout of the nodes(computers and devices) in a communication network

6. Network Topology

6.1. The layout of the computers and devices in a communication network

6.1.1. Physical Topology

6.1.2. Logical Topology

6.2. Types

6.2.1. Bus Network Consists of a single central cable (backbone),to which all computers and other devices connect

6.2.2. Star Network All the computers and other devices on the network connect to a central device,thus forming a star

6.2.3. Ring Network On a ring network,a cable forms a closed loop(ring) with all computers and devices arranged along the ring

7. Classification of Network

7.1. Local Area Network (LAN)

7.1.1. A (LAN) is a network that connects to computers and devices in alimited geographical area

7.2. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

7.2.1. A (MAN) is a high-speed network that connects local area networks in a metropolitan area such as city and town.

7.3. Wide Area Network (WAN)

7.3.1. A (WAN) is an network that covers a large geographic area(such as city,country,or the world) using a communications channel