Scenario: Your friends ask you to sneak out to go to a party.

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Scenario: Your friends ask you to sneak out to go to a party. by Mind Map: Scenario: Your friends ask you to sneak out to go to a party.

1. Define the Problem

1.1. Issue: I might want to go out , but I would be lying to your parents. I might also show disloyalty to your friends. You might not want to do either.

1.2. I can make two distinct decisions; go out with your friends, or stay in at your house.

2. Exploring the Alternatives

2.1. 1. I could go out to the party for a short amount of time, but not long enough that my parents would notice that I had gone out.

2.2. 2. I could ignore the decision so that my friends would stop asking me.

2.3. 3. I could stay home, saying that I don't feel like going out, for reasons such as not feeling well. I stay home and don't sneak out, but maybe hint that we could go out some time in the future.

2.4. 4. I could sneak out of my house without my parents knowing and spend the night with my friends.

3. Consider the Consequences

3.1. For alternative one, I would still show loyalty to my friends through going to the party, but my parents might not figure out that I sneaked out. They might eventually figure out as time progresses. Also, during my time at the party, I could get myself into situation like drinking, drugs, etc.

3.2. For alternative two, I won't have to sneak out and can instead stay at home. My friends might feel hurt as I have showed them disregard.

3.3. For alternative three, I would benefit myself and my parents. I wouldn't get into any trouble with them, but my friends might be hurt as I don't come to the party. If my friends are understanding, they might accept my excuse. I could also hint that we could go out later so that there was hope for the future.

3.4. For alternative four, I would benefit my friends, but should my parents find out, they would be very disappointed in me and this could create conflict which can hinder other things from happening.

4. Identify Your Values

4.1. I value my parents' love, feelings, and the privileges they give me. By disregarding them and doing things behind their back, I could damage them and my values. I know that they hold the key to my future. Thus, by disregarding them, I could also not benefit myself.

4.2. I value showing loyalty to my friends. Even if my friends aren't loyal to me, I make an effort to show that I am loyal to them. If I disregard them, I would go against my values by not showing my loyalty to them.

4.3. I value not drinking and not doing drugs. I know at a lot of parties thing like these happen, so I could get myself into bad situations. If I do this, not only values but my future will be damaged.

5. Decide and Act

5.1. I have decided to choose alternative three. This is a cautious decision because I understand the veracity and consequences of the decision itself. This is due to the fact that I want to keep a strong connection with my parents and maintain a trust which is often lost through teenhood. The possibility of hanging out later at night when my parents know I am going out will give hope for the future, meaning that I will still maintain my trust with them. I will tell my friends that I can't go out a day before the party, and tell my parents that I might want to go to parties later but will maintain my values and won't get myself into bad situations. I know that if I go to the party and do something stupid I am set up for failure.

6. Evaluate the Results

6.1. The decision itself would have affected me in multiple ways. Over time, if I developed a habit of sneaking out under my parent's nose, I would be destined for failure. This will affect my future and the person I become. I also hope that I have made friends with people who are considerate enough to listen to my opinion, and realize as well as understand my values. I learned that decisions should be thought out carefully before made.