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What is technology ? by Mind Map: What is technology ?

1. What I thought technology was before

2. My learning

2.1. Starting of technology

2.2. Nano technology

2.3. 3D printing technology

2.4. Virtual reality education

2.5. Space technology

3. At first, I thought that technology was something that use electricity to help us for doing many things in daily life for examples, computers, smartphones or factory machines.

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4. According to the video “Kevin Kelly tells technology's epic story” (Kelly K, 2009), I learned that in the past humans made stone tools to kill animals for food, that are one of the technologies in the past. People can easily get dirty things on their clothes, it difficult to clean it out. This is one of the problem that we can see in daily life.

5. In the video “NanoTech: Lotus 'Self-Cleaning, Waterproof' Advanced to Ion-Mask” (Eye-Spy Focus, 2013), Nano clothes has been invented, that are difficult to get stain on it by using Nano technology from learning Lotus leafs.

6. In the way of medical humans can have good treatment with new technology to live longer. One of the interesting things in the video “3-D printing organs” (The National, 2015) is using 3D printing technology, In order to make organs and artificial tissue for transferring organs and testing medicines.

7. In the way of education, technology can make education to be easier. In the video “Transforming Medical Education with Microsoft HoloLens” (case, 2016), it shows that medical education is easier with Microsoft HoloLens. Satyam Ghodasara says “It is really hard to understand what the anatomy books trying to tell you so with the Hololens, we can Literally show you what is happening with the body” (case, 2016) that is example how technology affects to education.

8. Technology can do many things instead of us for example in the video “NASA has been exploring Mars every day for the last 20 years” (Tech Insider, 2017), it shows that NASA uses robot technology to explore and learn about Mars which humans can not get there by now but, we can have knowledge to develop new technology for living on Mars in the future.

9. Computers

10. Factory machines

11. How my definition changed

12. What I now think technology means

13. References

14. After I read the article Defining the Word “Technology” … Four Times (John D, 2009), I found that the meaning of technology has been defined in many ways. It depends on how the technology is used. I did not know that my meaning was a part of the meaning of technology.

15. After I did some research by reading articles and watching some videos, I think that technology means everything that is made by humans to fix their problems, make their life to be easier better and longer. Technology is not limit only high technology devices. It can be stone tools to Nano clothes or electronic devices that we can see in the present. Some technology can be good and bad it depends on how we use it. In the video “How bad is it really? Nuclear technology -- facts and feelings” (Sunniva R, 2013), Nuclear technology is good to be used for producing electricity. On the other hand, it can make many people died if it cannot be in control.

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17. My Creative

18. Created a mind mapping by using mindmeister

19. Smartphones