Copy of Augmented Reality and its application

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Copy of Augmented Reality and its application by Mind Map: Copy of Augmented Reality and its application

1. background

1.1. What is AR ?

1.2. History

1.2.1. Founder

1.2.2. AR Application in the past

1.3. Types of AR

1.3.1. Projection based AR

1.3.2. Recognition based AR

1.3.3. Location based AR

1.3.4. Outlining AR

1.3.5. Superimposition based AR

2. technology inside AR

2.1. Software

2.1.1. Computer Vision image Registration interest points fiducial markers optical flows Image Processing Conner Detection Blob Detection Edge Detection Thresholding Real world Coordinate System

2.2. Hardware

2.2.1. Traditional input devices Processor Display Sensor

2.2.2. Modern Smartphone Tablet

3. Application

3.1. Medical

3.1.1. Patients can describe their symptoms better through AR

3.2. Industrial Design

3.2.1. Ikea AR App

3.3. Education

3.3.1. Transform medical education through MS HoloLens

3.4. Entertainment & Gaming

3.4.1. Pokemon Go

4. Feature

4.1. Perform in real time

4.2. Virtual elements mix with the reality world

4.3. No need extra devices for computation

5. Advantages

5.1. More realistic experience

5.2. More convenient

5.3. Can easy develop in mobile device

5.4. High productivity

6. Disadvantage

6.1. Privacy

6.2. Interest and taste will become narrow

6.3. Less AR headset of devices in the market

6.4. Not enough content