7 Day Laziness Cure - How to Stop being lazy

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7 Day Laziness Cure - How to Stop being lazy by Mind Map: 7 Day Laziness Cure - How to Stop being lazy

1. 10. Keep a scoreboard - Feel the progress

1.1. A great way to beat your laziness is to

1.1.1. Keep a Scoreboard

1.2. Whatever area of life you are struggling with.....

1.2.1. Start keeping a score in that area

1.3. You've probably heard of this saying:

1.3.1. What gets measured gets done It is very true And it is one of the most powerful principles of execution ... something that will beat your laziness every single time

1.4. It's very hard to be motivated and beat your laziness

1.4.1. if you don't even know whether you are winning or losing

1.5. You need a scoreboard

1.5.1. To know exactly where you stand

1.6. How fun would a game be if there was no scoreboard?

1.6.1. Would athletes give their very best?

1.7. 4 Disciplines of Execution

1.7.1. One of the 4 Most powerful Disciplines of Execution is having a Scoreboard

1.7.2. In order to execute at your very best, you must have a scoreboard

1.7.3. Scoreboard Like a Game Where are you with respect to your goal?

1.7.4. If you want to get in shape Have a scoreboard with your bodyweight on it every single day Track it on your calendar for a few days and you will start to see it's effect Put the score front and center of your life So that you can see it all the time Every moment you know You will either get motivated because you are seeing positive momentum And you will take even more action Or You will get mad at yourself for not seeing progress And you will look for new strategies and take massive action Either ways you will beat your laziness

1.7.5. Keys to a great scoreboard Simple Always visible Quickly tells you if you are winning or losing

2. 8. Stop Drifting

2.1. 6. Know PRECISELY what you want

2.1.1. You are lazy because you don't know what you want You are spreading your effort all over the place

2.1.2. You are like a boat without a destination in the ocean Every day you set a new direction What will happen? The boat will eventually run out of fuel The boat will capcize

2.1.3. 3. Find a Purpose

2.1.4. Find a direction

2.2. What's your big picture goal?

2.3. Don't worry about the HOW

2.3.1. The HOW will come once you sit down to work

2.4. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

2.4.1. Habit 2 - Begin with the End in Mind

2.5. Outwitting the Devil Within

2.5.1. Napoleon Hill

2.5.2. Devil within is a metaphor for why people succumb to the negativity, stop making progress and fail in life

2.6. Goals - By Brian Tracy

3. 6. Create a burning desire for your goal - Make it a must

3.1. You are lazy because you are not BURNING with desire for your goal

3.2. It is a SHOULD - It is not a MUST

3.2.1. As Tony Robbins likes to say You are "Shoulding" all over yourself

3.3. Make it a MUST

3.3.1. Until it is a must, you won't get it done

3.3.2. You will take the easy route

3.4. Power of Broke by Daymond John

3.4.1. Almost every great entrepreneurial success story is a result of the entrepreneur hitting a tough spot - almost out of money, close to bankruptcy etc They must make money or their business will perish That's when it is not a SHOULD anymore It is a MUST

3.5. Think and Grow Rich

3.5.1. To really get ourselves to do great things, we must have a BURNING desire

3.5.2. How can you create a burning desire? Repeat the goal to yourself over and over again. No end to it

3.6. A really simple way to create a burning desire

3.6.1. It will not be easy

3.6.2. But it is simple

3.7. Repeat the goal to yourself over and over again

3.7.1. Write it 200 times a day

3.7.2. I kid you not

3.7.3. It will give you tremendous focus and clarity

3.7.4. Whenever you feel lazy, write your goal down Carry around a small notebook Write your goal down over and over again

3.8. You will become super charged

3.8.1. You can't think of anything else

3.8.2. You become programed like a machine

3.9. Book

3.9.1. Mind Hacking

4. 12. Associate intense pain with not accomplishing your goal

4.1. If at anytime, you are completely unmotivated and just can't move your ass... come and watch this part of the video. I promise you, I will make you take action.

4.2. This comes from the book

4.2.1. Awaken the Giant within By Tony Robbins

4.3. 4. What will you regret on your deathbed

4.3.1. What is you continue your lazy ways

4.3.2. What will life look life 6 months from now? You are still not taking action You are still falling backwards Others are running fast

4.3.3. What will life look 1 yr from now An year older A year slower You are still lazy.... still not taking action There is no fairy that has come by to help you

4.3.4. What will happen 5 years form now? 5 yrs older 5 yrs slower All those dreams are beginning to die All those dreams are beginning to disappear. You are surrendering to the brutal force of biology... of life

4.3.5. What will happen 10 years from now? Still lazy Are you still as excited about life What has happened to your aspirations? What has happened to your dreams? You have given up on them You have decided that you are OK with being a loser in life. You have surrendered.... you know you will not be a winner in life

4.3.6. 20 years from now See the wrinkles The grey hair The dreams of your youth You said goodbye to them Life has not turned out as you wanted it Life is a disaster You feel like you failed You failed as a son, as a father, as a husband

4.3.7. On your deathbed All your dreams are staring at you ... asking WHY? Why didnt you go after them You are regretting how you just wasted your life away There aren't that many people around you... because you never stepped up and lived up to your potential You were getting bitter People did not like being around you You are praying... Please! Please.... I am not done yet..... Oh if I just get one more chance.... I would do things differently

4.4. Now... Open your eyes..... lets come back to the present moment.

4.4.1. The question I have for you is.... Are you going to continue being lazy

4.4.2. And waste your life away - old, miserable, lonely, bitter, unfulfilled? Full of regrets? Full of unfulfilled potential?

5. Most the books I mention here are summarized on 2000 Books channel - and I will put the links in the description below.

6. 4. Set a 3 minute timer

6.1. Procrastination

6.1.1. Lenora yuen

6.1.2. Swiss Cheese method

6.1.3. Just pick a portion of the task and do it for a period of time

6.2. Time Warrior

6.2.1. Steve Chandler

6.2.2. Set a 3 minute timer

6.3. I will do this thing that I don't want to do ... just for 3 minutes

6.3.1. No obligation to do any more than that Gives your brain freedom No sense of obligation to continue

6.3.2. Something strange happens in your brain

6.3.3. Once you start doing something, your PFC engages in that action... your neurons start firing in that area of the brain ... and before you know it.... you have more and more brain activity to support that task In fact after 3 minutes, you may find that you won't stop for a long time Momentum is a very underrated thing

6.4. Don't feel like working out

6.4.1. Just go to the gym for 3 minutes

6.4.2. I am serious. It works!

6.5. Rocket to the space

6.5.1. 80% of the fuel is spent in the first 2 minutes Just to escape the gravity

7. 2. Get a Coach

7.1. If you are really serious about your goals

7.1.1. this is the most potent way

7.2. Steve Jobs

7.2.1. Used to have a coach

7.3. Larry Paige

7.3.1. Founder of google

7.4. Bill Campbell

7.4.1. Steve Jobs

7.4.2. Larry Paige

7.4.3. He passed away in 2016

7.5. Every great player, every great team has a coach

7.5.1. We understand the importance of a coach in one of the highest performance industries Sports

7.5.2. But for some reason We underestimate the value of a coach in Business/career

7.6. One Thing

7.6.1. Gary Keller Keller Williams Realty Largest real estate company in the US

7.6.2. Have a coach to keep you on track with your commitments

7.7. We are often lazy because of the mental friction inside our brain

7.7.1. Sometimes we are not even aware of what is happening in our brains

7.8. A coach can see your blindspots, channel your effort, and double, triple, quadruple or even 10x your results

7.9. Why?

7.9.1. The coach can do multiple things for you Help you remove friction Show you what you might be doing wrong Get you to stop spending effort on the wrong things Start spending effort on the right things So taking action becomes effortless

7.9.2. Coach forces accountability on you You meet with the coach on a regular basis You tell the coach what you plan to accomplish And then the coach keeps you accountable to that goal Just the thought that someone will ask you whether you got something done or not will force you to get stuff done It is magical how we are more likely to get stuff done because we don't want to look bad in front of others.

7.10. One of the easiest and greatest hacks when it comes to taking action

7.11. You invest in a coach

7.12. You pay attention to something to the degree you pay for that thing

7.12.1. So when you pay for a coach

7.12.2. Suddenly you become hyper aware You follow through You work much harder You pay attention You stop being lazy and get stuff done

7.13. We can all use a KICK to get things to done

8. 2. Take the smallest possible action

8.1. Action -> Motivation

8.1.1. William James

8.2. Don't have to make major progress.

8.3. 10. Start Small

8.3.1. Start

8.3.2. Do something

8.3.3. Don't wait for everything to be Perfect

8.4. Book

8.4.1. 18 Minutes Just tie your shoes and get out of the door

8.4.2. Mini Habits Just do 1 push-up

9. John's Top 5

9.1. 1. Stop identifying as being lazy. Form a new identity.

9.1.1. 1. Stop identify as being lazy

9.2. 2. Hang around other motivated people

9.2.1. 2. Another major way

9.3. 3. Make commitments

9.3.1. 3. Make commitments

9.3.2. Deadlines

9.3.3. Hold yourself accountable to other people

9.3.4. You may not feel like it

9.3.5. Reason

9.4. 4. Stop waiting for things to be over. The battle begins a new each day

9.4.1. 4. Another thing you can do to stop being lazy

9.5. 5. Learn to not rely on motivation

9.5.1. One of the best ways by far

10. 5 second Rule

10.1. Mel Robbins

10.2. You give yourself 5 seconds to do it

10.2.1. As soon as you see that thing you need to do

10.2.2. Count down ... 10001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005

11. Fear

12. Status Quo

13. What would I tell myself

13.1. You don't have a burning desire

13.2. You don't have a clear goal

13.3. Find a coach or a mentor

13.3.1. Workout

13.3.2. Business

13.3.3. Hold you accountable

13.3.4. Kick your ass