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Transport by Mind Map: Transport

1. Creates Pollution

1.1. lots of things do create pollution not just transports

1.1.1. Think of ways to reduce pollution can we introduce some electricity cars, buses, like Hybrid

2. Bus And Train Fee Are Too High

2.1. They should revise the fees - Peak and off Peak because they use public transport before 9am SHOULD BE OFF PEAK to encourage passengers to use more of public transports

2.2. PEAK time should be after 9am because lesser people use public transport for example - train especially !

3. More Trains (Very Packed At Rush Hour)

3.1. to addition more carriage

4. Too Many Cars

4.1. Lesser cars on the road - HOW ? - get rid of old cars over 10 yrs old with a poor condition and high level of emission .

5. Noisy (aeroplane)

5.1. reduce the late flight to reduce the noise ..think of others residents who live nearby

6. Buses Don't Have Seat Belts Which Is Unsafe

6.1. All should have seat belts for safety

6.2. To reduce injuries when accident happens

7. Petrol Costs Too High

7.1. difficult for all drivers to be able to afford to pay fuel to travel

7.2. blame the government charge too high in tax

7.3. Many drivers have switch from car to use train or bus to get to work - cheaper to use

8. Access For Disabled People are not good

8.1. Train Station

8.1.1. Some do have a lift - others dont have.

8.1.2. Announcements - not good for deaf people

8.1.3. Smaller station - One train every hour!

8.2. Bus Station

8.2.1. Difficult to follow the numbers and the route we want to go !

8.2.2. Difficult to communicate with Bus driver if you are deaf

9. Confusing Ticket Prices

9.1. Some information are not clear to understand

9.2. Too muddle with the tickets machine