My Sucess at Calumet

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My Sucess at Calumet by Mind Map: My Sucess at Calumet

1. Wix web page

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2. Islam

2.1. Standard 7

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3. Genetic Counsler

3.1. Standard 1

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5. Baby no Baby

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5.3. Pedigree

6. The Radiotelegraph

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7. Renaissance Entrepreneurs

7.1. 10.2

7.2. 10.2 Students read and understand grade-level-appropriate material. The selections in the illustrate the quality and complexity of the materials to be read by students. At Grade 10, in addition to regular classroom reading, students read a wide variety of nonfiction, such as biographies, autobiographies, books in many different subject areas, essays, speeches, magazines, newspapers, reference materials, technical documents, and online information.

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8. My Sexy Cancer

8.1. b.1.25

8.2. Explain that gene mutation in a cell can result in uncontrolled cell division, called cancer. Also know that exposure of cells to certain chemicals and radiation increases mutations and thus increases the chance of cancer.

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