Miranda Rodriguez

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Miranda Rodriguez by Mind Map: Miranda Rodriguez

1. Strengths & Weakness Essay in Success

1.1. Standard 4. 10.4.1 Discuss ideas for writing with classmates, teachers, and other writers and develop drafts alone and collaboratively.

1.2. Essay

1.3. Reflection

2. Knockouts

2.1. Standard 4. 10.4.4 Use clear research questions and suitable research methods, including texts, electronic resources, and personal interviews, to compile and present evidence from primary and secondary print or Internet sources.

2.2. Powerpoint

2.3. Reflection

3. The Industrial Revolution

3.1. Standard 9. WH.9.1 - Identify patterns of historical change and duration and construct a representation that illustrates continuity and change.

3.2. Powerpoint

3.3. Reflection

4. Cultural Diffusion Business Plan

4.1. Standard 4. WH.4.10 Trace the origins and developments of the Northern Renaissance* and the Italian Renaissance. Explain Renaissance diffusion throughout Western Europe and its impact on peoples and places associated with western civilization.

4.2. Business Plan

4.3. Reflection

5. Interim 5A ELA 10

5.1. Standard 2. 10.2.5 Make reasonable statements and draw conclusions about a text, supporting them with accurate examples.

5.2. Interim 5A

5.3. Reflection

6. Personal

7. Fundraiser Project

7.1. Standard 9. A1.9.1 Use a variety of problem-solving strategies, such as drawing a diagram, making a chart, guess-and-check, solving a simpler problem, writing an equation, and working backwards.

7.2. Powerpoint

7.3. Reflection

8. World Oppression and Slavery: Past to Present

8.1. Standard 2. WH.2.4 Explain relationships in early civilizations between the development of state authority and the growth of aristocratic power, taxation systems and institutions of coerced labor, including slavery.

8.2. Web Page

8.3. Reflection

9. 3 Essay Comparison

9.1. Standard 5. 10.5.3 Write expository compositions, including analytical essays, summaries, descriptive pieces, or literary analyses. In my essay I used a variety of reference sources, including word, pictorial, audio, and Internet sources to locate information to support my 3 different essay topics.

9.2. Essays

9.3. Reflection

10. Intro