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Miranda Rodriguez by Mind Map: Miranda Rodriguez
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Miranda Rodriguez

Fundraiser Project

Standard 9. A1.9.1 Use a variety of problem-solving strategies, such as drawing a diagram, making a chart, guess-and-check, solving a simpler problem, writing an equation, and working backwards.



The fundraiser project was for my Algebra 1 class. In this project, I had to cover graphing, explaing the mathematical problems. I was received 3 different fundraisers, such as a t-shirt, dance, and volunteer fundraiser. I learned how to graph and make presentations during this project. One of my strengths for this project was explaing how I got the answer for each individual fundraiser. As for my weaknesses, one of them was creating a graph and labeling it. Anothere weakness was learning how to graph each individual amount for each fundraiser. At the end, I finally made my weaknesses to strengths and understood how to create and label a graph.

Strengths & Weakness Essay in Success

Standard 4. 10.4.1 Discuss ideas for writing with classmates, teachers, and other writers and develop drafts alone and collaboratively.



In my success class, (English Lab) my teacher helps me write essays, teaches me how to rewrite a question within my answer. One of my assignments for my success class was to write a essay talking about my strengths and weaknesses. I had describe all my strengths, which was easy. As for my weaknesses, they were a little more difficult because for each weakness I had talk about what I would do to achieve my weaknesses. If I could do something to make my essay better, I would have made my essay longer.


Standard 4. 10.4.4 Use clear research questions and suitable research methods, including texts, electronic resources, and personal interviews, to compile and present evidence from primary and secondary print or Internet sources.



This assignment covered microbes. Microbes are little bacterias that can cause illness to people. This project covered food born illnesses, cleaness within your surroundings and how to prepare a business person how to keep there restaurant clean. My strengths for this project was making slides on my powerpoint. My weakness for this project was gathering information on the internet. I reached my goal for this project and did everything I was assigned to do.

The Industrial Revolution

Standard 9. WH.9.1 - Identify patterns of historical change and duration and construct a representation that illustrates continuity and change.



During this project (Industrial Revolution),  I had to specifically mentions the influence of society on the inventor’s creation. Also, I had to explain the major principles of the invention as understood by it's users. Explaining the how invention changed the existing society today was probably the most difficult. If I was to do something different, I would of put more effort into my project.  

Cultural Diffusion Business Plan

Standard 4. WH.4.10 Trace the origins and developments of the Northern Renaissance* and the Italian Renaissance. Explain Renaissance diffusion throughout Western Europe and its impact on peoples and places associated with western civilization.

Business Plan


For my cultural diffusion business plan project, I had to read and fill out information about my business. I created a business plan for a clothing store. The most difficult part about filling out and making a business plan was organizing information and deciding the prices and the name of my store. I had to decide where I wanted my store and what kind of clothing I am selling. The cultural diffusion business plan project had to relate the Renaissance time. Meaning my business had to be in the model of Renaissance time. The most difficult part of my business plan was trying to visualize Renaissance time and how everything looked different. I honestly enjoyed learning how to make a buisness plan in my English 10/World history class.

World Oppression and Slavery: Past to Present

Standard 2. WH.2.4 Explain relationships in early civilizations between the development of state authority and the growth of aristocratic power, taxation systems and institutions of coerced labor, including slavery.

Web Page


In my oppression web page, I had to have original images and/or video that created to enhance the content of my page. As for my video, files that are used must contain with high quality images or sound with proper voice projection, appropriate language, and clear delivery. Before completeing my web page I had to make sure that there was enough information to fill the page without increasing the font size. There were quite a few things I could have done to make my web page better. Such as being more specific about sexual harassment in India. Another thing I could have done to make my web page a little bit better was making it more eye catching. The next time I have a web page as an assignment I would do the following things that I did not do in my first web page (oppression in India).

3 Essay Comparison

Standard 5. 10.5.3 Write expository compositions, including analytical essays, summaries, descriptive pieces, or literary analyses. In my essay I used a variety of reference sources, including word, pictorial, audio, and Internet sources to locate information to support my 3 different essay topics.



Each individual essay had a different prompt. while typong my essay I had to persuade each writer about the prompt that was giving. for an example one of my essays were about my school. I had to explain what would I do differently about my school if I had 1,000 dollars. For each essay I receive a score. The scores were 1-6. I had recieved a 3 on my first essay. I could have tried harder on my first essay and should have been more detailed about it. For my second essay I had recieved a 4. I had showed improvement but I still did not reach my goal. I still was not specific and as organized as I thought I was. As for my last essay I had recieved a 5. I was proud of my self because I have improved on each individual essay I took.

Interim 5A ELA 10

Standard 2. 10.2.5 Make reasonable statements and draw conclusions about a text, supporting them with accurate examples.

Interim 5A


Interem 5, is based on reading and answering questions. The most difficult part of taking my interem was focusing on reading. Also understanding what I was reading and trying to visualize what was going on in the text. As for my other interems before this one, my grades were very horrible. I failed all my interems before my Interem 5. There is nothing I will change on my interem because I got a perfect score.