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Copy of Marsalis Music by Mind Map: Copy of Marsalis Music

1. Home

1.1. Landing

1.1.1. Flexible feature Used to feature new releases, special events, anything important options Image (100% width, no text) or Image (100% width w/ text overlay headline, summary text) or Image (1/2 - 3/4 width, w/ headline, summary text) or Text only (big headline, summary text, default image or color block?) examples

1.1.2. Artists spotlight Artist image (square) Artist name linked to artist page notes can be ordered arbitrarily by site admin, or randomize on page load show 5-6 at once w/ pager (will update in place w/ AJAX) defautl: all artists with option to edit the default list

1.1.3. Recent Blog / News post

1.1.4. Calendar grid calendar event days highlighted if only one event on a day, link will go to the full page for that event if multiple events on the same day, calendar link will go to page of all events for that date

1.1.5. possibilities pull in recent twitter post from main Marsalis music account yes but not overly prominent

1.2. Primary Navigation

1.2.1. Artists Grid of all artists Artist Image Artist Name Short summary about each artist? allow for artist categories: ex: honors series

1.2.2. Releases Grid of all releases release chronology (most recent first) with an option to search by artist Release name Artist name brief summary of personnel and release info

1.2.3. Blog / News / Press Summaries of all recent blog posts linked to single blog post Single blog post page links to filter posts by category tag artist release Recent newsletter Title Date Summary text Blog / News posts to include

1.2.4. Events List of upcoming events each event links to it's own page w/ details this page can be filtered to only show events for a certain date, but will have same layout no matter what it's showing Calendar w/ event days highlighted if only one event on a day, link will go to the full page for that event if multiple events on the same day, calendar link will go to page of all events for that date option

1.2.5. Store determine if shopify or other e-commerce solution?

1.2.6. Video Grid of all video, sorted by artist Video title Embedded video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)

1.2.7. About a page of general information about Marsalis music

1.2.8. Contact contact information and webform

1.3. Other persistent links/items

1.3.1. Audio player (pop-up)

1.3.2. Join Mailing List block

1.3.3. Main Marsalis Music label social networking links (open in new window) link to social networking "directory" ? Artist name Social networking links listed

1.3.4. Prominent store button

1.3.5. Prominent store button

1.3.6. For Press (footer) Aggregate all press materials webform contact form for more information. not a barrier to access

2. Content Types

2.1. artist

2.1.1. title - name

2.1.2. tax categories of artists

2.1.3. body - bio

2.1.4. images feature image gallery images

2.1.5. links social networks twitter facebook etc

2.1.6. links social networks twitter facebook etc

2.1.7. files download - press material

2.2. release

2.2.1. title

2.2.2. Artist

2.2.3. image - cover

2.2.4. teaser

2.2.5. body

2.2.6. tracks

2.2.7. links buy track

2.2.8. text field - personnel

2.2.9. date - release date

2.3. track

2.3.1. title

2.3.2. files full-length preview

2.3.3. playlist settings (radio) include full length in playlist include preview in playlist do not include in playlist

2.4. blog

2.4.1. Title

2.4.2. body

2.4.3. teaser

2.4.4. tax category could possibly use a category to roll press/review content into the blog events press photos announcements newsletter etc tag tag cloud and post footer link

2.4.5. artist

2.4.6. release

2.4.7. event

2.5. page

2.5.1. title

2.5.2. body

2.5.3. image

2.6. event

2.6.1. title

2.6.2. image

2.6.3. date

2.6.4. time

2.6.5. body

2.6.6. venue name address phone url

2.6.7. links ticketing

2.6.8. artist

2.6.9. releases

2.7. Flex-Feature

2.7.1. image

2.7.2. link

2.8. system page

2.8.1. title

2.8.2. body

2.9. video

2.9.1. title

2.9.2. artist

2.9.3. description

2.9.4. tax tags