Government of The Philippines

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Government of The Philippines by Mind Map: Government of The Philippines

1. Three Interdependent Branches

1.1. Legislative branch

1.1.1. National Government Senate House of Representatives

1.1.2. Local Government Sangguniang Panlalawigan Regional Legislative Assembly Sangguniang Panlungsod Sangguniang Bayan Sangguniang Barangay

1.2. Executive branch

1.2.1. National government President Vice-President Cabinet Secretaries

1.2.2. Local government Provincial/Regional Governor Provincial/Regional Vice-Governor City/Municipal Mayor City/Municipal Vice-Mayor Barangay Captain/Barangay Chairman

1.3. Judicial branch

1.3.1. Lower Collegiate Courts Court of Appeals Court of Tax Appeals Sandiganbayan

1.3.2. Regular Courts Regional Trial Courts Municipal Circuit Trial Courts

1.3.3. Muslim Courts Sharia District Courts Sharia Circuit Courts yessy

2. Unitary state

2.1. Presidential Representative and Democratic

2.2. Constitutional Republic

3. Local Government

3.1. President of the Philippines

3.1.1. Provinces Component cities Barangays Municipalities Barangays

3.1.2. Cities independent from a province Barangays

3.1.3. Autonomous Regions Provinces Component Cities Municipalities Cities independent from a province Barangays