"This time it is personal" by Alan Battersby

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"This time it is personal" by Alan Battersby by Mind Map: "This time it is personal" by Alan Battersby

1. a plot: A terrible crime becomes personal for New York private investigator, Nat Marley. The reason of this is that Nat's assistant Stella Dlgado's close relative was charged with a murder he didnt commit. Mr. Marley's search takes him to the Russian American community, where there is a trade in illegal actions and dirty money.

2. STRUCTURE: Exposition- Nat's assistant Stella tells him about her brother's arrest. Rising action- Nat Marley's investigation, finding new proffs, meeting new witnesses and people related to the case,etc. Climax- surveillance and chasing criminals, firefight and finding a real killer. Falling action- proving that Stella's brother is innocent. Resolution- releasing Stella's brother's charge.

3. Genre- detective, as it is a story about a crime, which is revealing by the main character who is private investigator.

4. Author's purpose is to entertain the readers, as it is a short story first of all. Secondly, it is a narrative writing with a chronological structure including clear beginning, middle and end. Thirdly, this stry is just enjoyable to read, because there is a mystery murder that is revealed by the main character.

5. Characters

5.1. ANTAGONIST- Nick Zernov is cruel ( he kills people violently), unscrupulous ( he shifted his blame and substituted a person)

5.2. PROTAGONIST- Nat Marley ( a private investigator) is courageous (he took many risks to win his case and prove the innocence of his client), rational and calm ( he thought logically and rationally even when he was threatened by some criminals), sensitive friend ( he was very sympathetic to Stella, took the problem of her personally and did everything he could to help her), ambitious ( he did all he could do to prove that his client isn't guilty, tried to do his best to achieve his personal goal).