All the work through out the year

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All the work through out the year by Mind Map: All the work through out the year

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1.1. Competition

1.1.1. I had to write an essay for the interm assessment. I think I did a pretty good job. I believe i did good because I just learned recently how to do an essay right. I might have taken more time to do it better. I learned how to use the essay writing skills I learned recently correctly. I used the three step plan I learned from my teacher to do this essay like for example what three topics can you talk about.

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2.1. Hardware store

2.1.1. I had to make a hardware store to present to the class. I played a big part in this group. Our group barely finished this project in time. I think we could have done a bertter job. The hardware store looked like a real one on the outside but inside it was adaquate at best. I had the chance to see the different skills of my class mates.

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3.1. Judaism PowerPoint

3.1.1. I had to create one or more slides about Judaism and present it to the class. I could have researched into the culture more. The information was great and the presention of the project was good but the way it was put together was alittle off. I learned that relgion has it's ups and downs but the people who believe in it will always take pride in it. Judaism is different from other religions because of the worship times and who they believe in.

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4.1. DNA in the Courtroom

4.1.1. Me and a groupmate had to present information on Dna in the courtroom. I could've contributed more to the group. The work involved in this project was decent because of the information but I believe we could have had more. I learned that Dna plays a huge part in courtroom verdicts. Dna can be used to see if the slavia at a crime scene was from the defendant or not.

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5.1. Structures and function

5.1.1. We had to show the structres and functions of a cell or cells. I have not done much in this project. I believe I could have done more to help my group mates. The project has multiple spelling issues in it and the work is shaddy at best. I have learned the insides of a cell and that helped me with the Eca.

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6.1. The sewing machine

6.1.1. I had to find a video on the old time sewing machine. I could've taken the time to find a better video. The information in this project was excruciatingly low. I learned that the sewing machine was a vital asset to American life. The sewing machine helped with everyday life like how it took a long time to do a shirt or pants but with the sewing machine it only took a couple of hours.

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7.1. Haiti Oppression Project

7.1.1. I had to make a website about Haiti. I might have taken more time to increase the information on the website. This project had some good items within it but the information was lacking. I learned that some countries are less fortunate than the USA. Haiti is recovering from the dictatorship that plagued it for many generations. Haiti has had Slavery and dictatorship as well as poverty.

8. Essay comparision part 1

8.1. Essay comparision part 2

8.1.1. Compared from essay part 2 I have come along way when compared to part 1. My reading has helped improve my skills as a essay writer. My teacher gave me some tips on how to do an essay that helped me big time. How I write an essay has improved with the skills I learned and how to organize was improved with the tips from my teacher.

9. Introduction letter.

10. Personal life