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BCTF by Mind Map: BCTF

1. social justice and international solidarity

2. province-relevant grievances

3. professional development "hub"

4. code of ethics (1949)

5. oversee pension

6. Formed in 1917

6.1. Prior to this, local associations negotiated with individual school boards, but lacked influence

7. Collective bargaining with province (BCPSEA - represents province at bargaining table)

7.1. Right to Collective bargaining 1987

7.1.1. Prior to this, Locals could only bargain salaries and bonuses with Boards (trustees), not working conditions. Negotiations happened every year in the fall, and if agreement not reached, compulsory arbitration.

7.2. Class-size

7.2.1. 1994 mandated that only bargained at provincial level (not by locals)

7.3. Composition

7.4. teacher workloads

7.5. rights to professional development

7.6. rights to duty free lunch

7.7. others

8. Federation (general body) of local teacher associations (unions)

8.1. purpose to further "economic, social and professional concerns of teachers"

9. Teacher Locals

9.1. Generally align with school districts, but not always (e.g. Lake Cowichan; Vancouver Elementary and Secondary Teacher Associations)

9.1.1. #s don't match district #s

9.2. Level at which some negotiations take place, but not others.

9.2.1. Because so much variation in province, BCTF views this as a problem

9.2.2. Some seem to view as a strength that many things bargained provincially, because otherwise agreements really depend on skill of local bargaining team

9.3. work for welfare of teachers in their district/local

9.3.1. historically negotiated salaries and between 1987 and 1994 working conditions

9.3.2. trainings by BCTF

9.4. have local committees on

9.4.1. working and learning conditions

9.4.2. professional development

9.4.3. health and safety

9.4.4. staff representative from schools oversee how agreement is administered at school

9.4.5. TTOCs

9.4.6. Aboriginal Education

9.5. grievances locally

9.6. negotiate local matters with school board that affect working and learning conditions

9.6.1. Currently, since 1994 and now reinstated, can't negotiate class-size and composition locally

9.6.2. seems to be things like pro-d allocations, benefits plans (?), reporting, student-teacher ratios for outdoors (?), petitioning parents to dismiss their children from FSA, spring break times, how 180 days of school year will be set up (district calendars) (?)

9.7. administers local and BCTF agreement