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Little Foot by Mind Map: Little Foot

1. Personal Interests

1.1. Soccer: I grew up playing soccer for many years. I started playing Club soccer throughout Florida and went on to play varsity soccer in High School. I play every now and then for fun.

1.2. Music: Aside from playing soccer, I did chorus and show choir for a few years and did it at Seminole State College as well

1.3. Fitness: I enjoy being active. I go to the gym regularly. I have done a few 5Ks and accomplished my first triathlon this past summer.

2. Work/ Occupation

2.1. Publix: My first job was at Publix in the deli. I worked there for 5 years and left for a year. I am now currently back once a week. They are truly like a second family.

2.2. Intuit : I have a full time job aside from Publix. I work as Technical Support for QuickBooks Enterprise software. I have spoken to a variety of people and have learned that everyone has a special way they run a business.

2.3. School: If I am not working I am studying. I am fine with that. It is just a short term sacrifice.

3. Childhood

3.1. Siblings: I have three sisters and one brother. We are all very close in age. My sisters are pursuing Music Education and I am doing Elementary Education. My brother who is the youngest is in the Military. I miss him every day.

3.2. Memories: The fondest memory I have from my childhood is doing the television broadcast every morning from fourth to fifth grade. I was the Anchor.

3.3. Parents: My parents were together most of our early childhood. Dad worked full-time and my mother was a stay at home mom.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1. Nick name: I have been called everything under the sun. However, little foot has been one that many people call me and know me by. It is probably because I am barley 5 foot.

4.2. Personality: I am very open minded and can find a way to connect with people in the strangest ways. It takes a great deal for me to dislike a person.

4.3. Ethnicity: I am Colombian and I have a very small percent of Italian in my genes. Out of eighty or so family members, we only have three family members who have green eyes and I am one of them.