week 4 studio

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week 4 studio by Mind Map: week 4 studio

1. engineer

1.1. types

1.1.1. building services engineers mechanical energy industrial chemical marine

1.1.2. electrical engineer electronics engineer information technology engineer control,automation & instrumentation engineer

1.1.3. geotechnical engineer

1.1.4. civil engineer

1.1.5. building engineer role construction manager job prepare reports help design structures manage contracts create construction schedules

1.1.6. structural engineer involvement design & construction

1.1.7. environmental engineer involvement water quality sanitary landfill

1.1.8. others

1.2. construction

1.2.1. foundation shallow steel pile concrete piles

1.2.2. reclamation

1.2.3. excavation

1.2.4. filling

1.2.5. retaining walls

1.2.6. infrastructure road airport/runway bridge footbridge suspension bridge cable stayed bridge tunnel/subway construction method cross harbour tunnel

1.3. building services

1.3.1. installation

1.3.2. management

1.3.3. example lift tower electricity cables

2. the construction industry

2.1. features

2.1.1. highly competitive but low return

2.1.2. not homogeneous

2.1.3. labour intensive

2.1.4. contracting high level of subcontracting further sublet their work many contractors: developers government's contracting quality control

2.2. stages

2.2.1. contractors' jobs possessing site constructing the building planning labour materials plant technology apply to BD for Works Permit

2.3. surveying profession

2.3.1. building surveying

2.3.2. general practice

2.3.3. land surveying

2.3.4. quantity surveying

2.3.5. property & facility management

2.3.6. planning & development property development project feasibility study land administration input town planning applications project management project evaluation town planning public sector private sector

2.4. project management

2.4.1. project manager

2.4.2. clerk of works