Research Skills: Which is more dangerous - Football or Soccer?

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Research Skills: Which is more dangerous - Football or Soccer? by Mind Map: Research Skills: Which is more dangerous - Football or Soccer?

1. Football

1.1. most common injuries:

1.1.1. knee injuries knee dislocation Anterior Cruciate Ligament

1.1.2. shoulder injuries shoulder dislocation rotator cuff injury anterior instability

1.1.3. concussions

1.1.4. dehydration/heat stroke

1.2. preventions:

1.2.1. properly fitted protective equipment

1.2.2. stronger/sturdier helmets

1.2.3. thicker padding

1.3. facts:

1.3.1. concussions are more likely to happen to defence players than offensive players

1.3.2. not all players can get a physical therapist, leaving them with their coach's care

1.3.3. younger athletes are more likely to get a fracture than a sprain/strain

2. Soccer or Football?

2.1. I believe that the two sports are very unsafe in their own ways. Football athletes wear a lot of safety gear, yet still get hurt. Soccer athletes wear only shin guards and they are still capable of becoming severely injured. I have no experience from football so I couldn't say that football is more dangerous. I don't think soccer and football are equally dangerous but the two sports aren't safe due to the amount and or kinds of injuries you can suffer from them.

3. Websites:

3.1. Is youth soccer getting more dangerous? The injury rate has more than doubled since 1990.

3.2. Most Common Soccer Injuries - 10 Facts You Won't Believe! - Cryotherapy Toronto

3.3. Football Injuries | Football Injury Prevention & Treatment

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3.9. Sports Injury Statistics | Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Library

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4. torn ACL

5. Soccer

5.1. most common injuries:

5.1.1. strain or sprain: hamstring strain muscle strain ankle sprain tendon strain

5.1.2. fractures hip fracture femur fracture

5.1.3. soft-tissue shin splints achilles tendinitis

5.1.4. bruising calfs shins knees

5.2. preventions:

5.2.1. players 10 and younger are not allowed to head the ball

5.2.2. leagues are considering investing in protective headgear

5.3. facts:

5.3.1. boys are more likely to get hurt than girls

5.3.2. younger players are more likely to get concussions

5.3.3. goalies are most commonly hurt rather than the players on the field

6. Keywords

6.1. injuries

6.2. safety

6.3. dangers

6.4. soccer

6.5. football

6.6. hazards

6.7. protection

6.8. risks

6.9. impacts