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My school projects by Mind Map: My school projects

1. DNA in the courtroom

1.1. Artifact

1.2. 10.7.1

1.3. During this project I learned a lot when it comes to DNA and other genetics. This project relates to this standard because in this project I had to memorize the slides and present them in front of the class. If I had a chance to do this project again I probably would because I find genetics very interesting.

2. Interview

2.1. Artifact

2.2. 1.3

2.3. This project helped my learn a lot about Gandhi and her ways of being a leader. I learned some good leader skills by researching her. The standard I picked was 1.3 because I had to learn a lot thing and understand them in order to learn more things a bout her. I didn't really find the project that interesting, to me it was kind of boring.

3. Vocab

3.1. Artifact

3.2. 1.1

3.3. Doing vocab I learn a lot and it helps me a lot. When I have vocab I usually always write the word and the definition out because I learn faster that way. The standard that I picked was word recognition because it relates to vocab and yes I would do it again because I do it all of the time.

4. Personal.

5. Haiti Website.


5.2. 10.7.2

5.3. When I did the Haiti website I learned a lot of information and made me have a different perspective of many things. It opened my eyes and made me be more appreciative of my life. I learn many more things about the Haiti life and where it originated and how it got to the way it is now. In the project I used many other sources and I grew in the area of researching. If I ever had a chance to do any kind of project about Haiti I most defiantly would and I would try my hardest to spread it to other people.

6. Town of cells.

6.1. Artifact.

6.2. 10.7

6.3. When I did this project I learned a lot very important information a bout the way the body works, the inside of your body, the cells and so much more. I really did learn a lot from it. I think it relates to this standard because it is about oral communication and you practice it when you do this project. I wish I could do it again so I cant learn even more.

7. Islam.

7.1. Artifact

7.2. 1.7.2

7.2.1. New node

7.3. When I did this project I learned a lot about the Islamic culture. I even learned what the word Islam means. this project relates to the standard I picked because we had to use a lot of context and had to understand the culture before we make a presentation about it. So we had to research it and understand it first.

8. Cancer Fundraiser

8.1. Artifact

8.2. 1.4

8.3. Doing this fundraiser I didn't really learn much because I already knew almost everything there is to know about cancer. I picked standard 1.4 because we was about writing and different strategies. If I could do this project again I would be more then happy to because I would love to raise more money for cancer.

9. Safety Poster

9.1. Artifact

9.2. 2.4

9.3. Making this poster I learned many things about how to be safe. I related it to standard 2.4 because it is about writing things clear and easy to read and that is basically what we had to make sure we did to that poster. But one thing is for sure I wouldn't do it again.