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Question 1b by Mind Map: Question 1b

1. Narrative

1.1. Trailer

1.2. Theories

2. Representation

2.1. Theories

2.2. Opening, use film opening, female introduced as victim, male was shown as bad one.

3. Media language

3.1. Theories

3.2. New node

4. Genre

4.1. Theories

4.1.1. Chandler "in everyday life, people would continue to categrise texts" Genre is hard to define, and very open, not really a definitive set of rules per each genre, however it is impossible to remove it completely because its a natural brain function to link and make connections with things, so that we understand them better. So would still exist.

4.1.2. Bordwell "no set of necessary and sufficient conditions can mark of other sorts of groupings in ways that all experst or ordinary film goers would find acceptable" tries to show the difference in use of genre for academics and normal film goers, how they are put to different uses. But cannot specifically be defined.

4.1.3. Feuer New node New node

5. Audience

5.1. Theories

5.2. New node