How to Be Cross Eyed

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How to Be Cross Eyed by Mind Map: How to Be Cross Eyed

1. Introduction

1.1. A Disadvantage

1.1.1. Social Commentary

1.2. Disabled? Not Hardly

1.3. This book is free

2. Ecosystem of Emotions

2.1. Meditation

2.1.1. The Blue Sky Meditation Protocol

2.2. The Paradox of Anxiety

2.3. Mind wandering is bad for you. What to do instead...

2.4. What to think about to go to sleep...

2.5. Gut React (Habit)

2.6. A Self Quantification Experiment to Do Daily

2.7. How to Breath like a Jedi (Taoist Breathing)

2.8. The Secret Lives of Alpha Males

2.8.1. Live Fast. Die Young

3. Critical Thinking

3.1. "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" Book Review

3.1.1. Project specifications

3.1.2. End User requirements

3.1.3. Action points sign-off

3.2. High Leverage Information Diet

3.3. How to (NOT) Waste Money on Personal Development

3.3.1. Top Priorities

3.3.2. Medium Priorities

3.3.3. Low Priorities

3.4. Red Flags of Bad Science

3.4.1. The worst idea ever

3.5. Verifying Science

3.5.1. Longecity

3.5.2. Qoura

4. Biohacking

4.1. Beating Depression

4.1.1. Exercise

4.1.2. Keto/Paleo diet Coffee — The good, the bad and the ugly Intermittent Daily Fasting

4.1.3. No FAP

4.1.4. Tech Addiction

4.1.5. The Good News

4.1.6. The 30 year old virgin

4.2. Biohacking Diet & Lifestyle

4.2.1. Biohacking Diet (with just $1)

4.2.2. Coffee How I Quit Coffee: 3 Biohacks for Overcoming the Siren Call of the Dark Nectar

4.2.3. Biohacking Sleep with Lighting, Beverages and Mindset Non-stimulatory Thinking I really sucked at sleep for about a decade

4.3. Biohacking Smart and Safe

4.4. Biohacking ADHD

4.4.1. Adult ADHD Cured!

4.5. How to Biohack WITHOUT Nootropics?

4.6. Dual N-Back

4.7. “Everything gives you cancer”

4.8. Focus

4.8.1. Brain.FM

4.9. Why I sell smart drugs...

4.9.1. Red Pill for Cognitive Capital

4.9.2. Racetams

4.9.3. Adaptogens The Rhodiola Revolution: sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

4.10. What to do when Biohacking isn't working

4.11. Finding Flowstate

5. Social Dynamics

5.1. Questions

5.2. Secret Society Infiltration Model

5.2.1. “What do you believe that other people think is insane?”

5.3. Social Dynamics Secrets of Elite Socialites

5.3.1. A very clever cocktail toast

5.3.2. Socialite Technique: Group Merger

5.3.3. Plan Social Life ( habit)

5.3.4. Asking people what they do

5.3.5. Polishing Your Communication Style by Recording Conversations on Your Smartphone

5.3.6. Ooohming

5.4. The Social Anxiety Protocol for Biohacking Confidence

5.5. Podcasts

5.5.1. #16 Two Limitless Social Skills: Being a Renaissance Character & Remembering Details About People - Limitless Mindset

5.5.2. #21 Trick People into Thinking You are a Good Person & other Lifehacks - Limitless Mindset

6. Lifehacks

6.1. Apple Cider Vinegar Sleep Cocktail


6.3. Think & Grow Rich Review: Temporal Self Auditing

6.4. Lifehacking Your Looks

7. Travel

7.1. Travel & Vegabonding

7.2. Politicians Daughter in Medellin

7.3. Spies in Kiev

8. For Men

8.1. Social Anxiety Protocol: No FAP (For men)

9. Mindset

9.1. Helping Yourself

9.2. How to Suck at Life (But Trick People Into Thinking You Are Cool)

9.3. Personal Development Demystified: Apps vs OS

9.4. The Technology Trap

9.4.1. Dual N-Back

9.4.2. Focus Brain.FM

9.4.3. Mindfulness

9.4.4. Reading Books

9.4.5. Take Smart Drugs

9.4.6. Writing

9.4.7. Brain Rehab Protocol Time Commitment

9.4.8. Videogames?

9.4.9. My Sentiment

10. Sex Hacks

10.1. Playing with fire

10.1.1. Seduction is risky

10.1.2. The Colombian politician’s daughter

10.1.3. Russian roulette

10.1.4. The evil tax agent

10.1.5. Last minute resistance

10.1.6. Finding a good woman

10.2. Sex and Dating Hacks for Him and Her

10.2.1. Diet

10.2.2. Herbal Birth Control Vitamin B17 Abortion

10.2.3. Kegels

10.2.4. Ladies Mom's story Million Dollar Dating Advice

10.2.5. Salsa Seduction

10.2.6. Supplements for Stellar Sex Horny Goat Weed Scream Cream Exogenous Oxytocin Panax Ginseng Kava Phenibut Yohimbe Longjack Tongkat Ali

10.3. Tantric Sex Techniques for Men

10.3.1. Breath Control 4 Stage Breath Control “Blue Balls” Controlling Heart Rate Practice Breathing

10.3.2. PC Muscle Control

10.3.3. Kegels

10.3.4. Anal Sphincter Control

10.3.5. The Million Dollar Point

10.3.6. The Squeeze Method

10.3.7. Scrotal Tugging

10.3.8. Microcosmic Orbit The Big Draw

10.3.9. Practice Plan In the Bathroom 20 Days to Multi-Orgasmic Practicing by Yourself?

10.4. The Hero's Journey from No Fap to Tantric Sex

10.4.1. The sexiest piece of furniture that I ever owned (and grew to hate…)

10.4.2. Losing my virginity to a spy…

10.4.3. Sexual Transmutation The Cool Draw

10.4.4. Why No Fap

10.4.5. Why Tantra? Breath Control 4 Stage Breath Control Book Recommendations The Techniques Why Semen Retention? downsides to no fap Ejaculation vs Performance Ejaculation vs Cognition Loss of Cerebrospinal Fluids The Rolling Orgasm Birth Control

11. Transformation

11.1. Dating Crazy women

11.1.1. Catching on fire

11.2. I was promised a sex slave

11.3. My wife's story

12. Aquatic Misadventures

12.1. Blue Hole, New Mexico

12.2. Drowning at Summer Camp

12.3. Speargun Fishing in Costa Rica

12.3.1. Getting into a fight

13. Last Chapter

13.1. The Nightlife biz

13.2. Who Will You Be in 5 Years?

13.3. Sex in Maseratis, Bribery in Mexico

13.4. Conclusion