Negotiation Prep.

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Negotiation Prep. by Mind Map: Negotiation Prep.

1. How does opposing counsel & client interact?

1.1. different values

1.2. different skills

1.3. knowledge

1.4. Access to information

2. How do I and my client interact?

2.1. different values

2.2. different skills

2.3. knowledge

2.4. Access to information

3. My interests

3.1. New node

4. Their interests

5. My Resources abilities

6. Their Resources abilities

7. Value creating options

7.1. ZOPA (zone of possible agreement)

8. Is there a standard value (guidelines)

8.1. My BATNA? (Best alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)

8.2. Their BATNA?

9. Method to negotiate

10. Manage the interaction

10.1. What do you need to know?

10.2. What do you need to tell?