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Requirement Engineing by Mind Map: Requirement Engineing

1. Specification Requiremants

1.1. part

1.1.1. Requirements Document detail User requirements System requirements

2. Engineering processes Requirements

2.1. part

2.1.1. Requirements Elicitation or Requirements Discovery

2.2. part

2.2.1. Requirements Analysis

2.3. part

2.3.1. Requirements Validation

2.4. part

2.4.1. Requirements Management

3. Elicitation and Analysis Rquirements

3.1. parts

3.1.1. Requirements Discovery

3.1.2. Requirements Classification and Organization

3.1.3. Requirements prioritization and negotiation

3.1.4. Requirements Specification

4. Validation Requirements

4.1. parts

4.1.1. Validity detail Does system support customer's needs?

4.1.2. Consistency detail Are there any requirements conflicts?

4.1.3. Completeness detail Is it include all function that required by customer?

4.1.4. Realism detail Can requirements given available budget and technology?

4.1.5. Verifiability detail Can the requirements be checked?

4.2. Techniques

4.2.1. Requirements Reviews

4.2.2. Prototyping

4.2.3. Test-case generation

5. Change Managements Requirements

5.1. parts

5.1.1. Problem analysis and change specification detail analysis of the requirements , new customer needs, operational problems with the system

5.1.2. Change analysis and costing detail This checks how many requirements are effected.

5.1.3. Change implementation detail A set of amendments to the requirements document or new document version in produced

6. Functional and Non-functional Requirements

6.1. parts

6.1.1. Functional Requirements detail Complete Consistent

6.1.2. Non-function Requirements detail Product Requirements Organisational Requirements External Requirements

6.1.3. Domain Requirements detail The System's operational domain imposes requirements on the system