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Open Design Platform by Mind Map: Open Design Platform
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Open Design Platform

1. Subject

1-2. Creator



1-3. User

Design mania community

1-1. Service Provider

2. Object

Collaborative works

Share Ideas & works

Open Enviroment

3. Roles

3-1. Committer

Maximize effect of collaboration work

Minimize errors on website

3-2. Contributor

Create and develop project

3-3. Observer

Watch and give comments on project

4. Rules

Accept all kind of creative projects

Communicate in common language: English

Realtime communication

Use same tool when participating on each project

Free to share & modify

5. Artifacts


Hardware, computer, tablet, mobile device

Software, File editing program, Graphic program, Modelling program, Document program


Programs, File exchanging, Cornerstone, File converting, Visualize through web, Realtime Communication, SNS, Skype, MSN etc

Website, Buddy/Word Press, Plugins



One to many

Many to many

One to one


Bottom to top

Top to bottom

7. Reputation level


High Contributor

Middle Contributor

Low Contributor