Students should wear school uniforms

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Students should wear school uniforms by Mind Map: Students should wear school uniforms

1. Costs

1.1. Due to the difference in socioeconomic status , it is hard for some families to afford school clothes. For example, a grandmother who is the guardian of her grandchildren but is on a fixed income.

1.1.1. Parents or guardians can focus on just mix and matching four or five uniform outfits since the choices are more limited than regular clothes.

1.1.2. A lot of schools have a uniform resale or discretely give away gently used ones to the families who are more in need.

2. Academic Achievement

2.1. Students who wear uniforms can focus more on their academics because they are less likely to worry about what someone else has on if they are all wearing the same thing.

2.1.1. Now an adult, wearing uniforms in school taught me how to dress for the "real world." As an assistant teacher, I am expected to dress a certain way, usually slacks or long skirts. Following all the rules at work, including dress code helps me achieve my professional goals.

2.1.2. "Following the LUSD school after adopting their uniform policy, there was an increase in positive behavior like attendance. Student attendance increased, especially in females."

3. Behavior

3.1. Children tend to compare their selves with their peers or against their peers.

3.2. There could be less bullying because "picking" on someone about their clothing would be less likely to happen if you wear the same uniforms.

3.2.1. "In 1994, Long Beach, California school district became the first to require uniforms. A year later, according to the district, school fights and muggings there went down 50%; sexual offenses declined 74%."