Solutions to Human Trafficking

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Solutions to Human Trafficking by Mind Map: Solutions to Human Trafficking

1. Increase Education

1.1. E - This would cost a lot of money to implement into the education system, especially because it would need to be taught around the world in different countries who all have different budgets available.

1.2. P - Governments need to provide more education at a younger age to help combat Human Trafficking through awareness.

2. Boycott companies gaining from Human Trafficking

2.1. P - Governments could pass laws and policies to ensure companies do not gain from human trafficking.

2.2. S - A lot of support would be needed for this to be effective. Many people will not support this movement as they do not gain from it but when educated on the topic may change their opinion.

3. Increase Border Control

3.1. P - Governments have to work with each other to tighten security, this will require many countries to end their differences to combat this problem.

3.2. E - This will cost a lot of money to introduce and will require countries all helping each other and paying equal amounts each.

3.3. S - Many people travelling from country to country may not be happy that there may be delays when travelling due to the increase in security.

3.4. E - Some borders, e.g. South America, have vast amounts of rain forest covering the borders making security nearly impossible to control.

4. Worldwide census.

4.1. P - Governments have to implement this solution which will cost money and also the unity of nations that once had issues with each other.

4.2. E - As unemployment rates rise the demand for human trafficking rises also, to combat this, a universal system (worldwide) can be used to register all employees and employers (including those who do not work).

4.3. S - People may not agree with their information being shared around the world (privacy issue).

4.4. T - This would require major technological advancements and funding to set up and maintain the systems required.

5. Increase Punishments

5.1. P - This may be seen as against human rights and not being "fair" to those convicted of human trafficking.

5.2. L - Many laws will have to be passed in multiple different countries.

5.3. S - Many people may disagree as it is not morally seen as wrong and may change the opinions of those who know about human trafficking for the better.

6. Compulsory Organ Donation

6.1. P - Governments will force people into donating organs by passing laws and policies.

6.2. E - Funding must be put in place, some countries may not be able to afford to setup this scheme.

6.3. S - Some people may disagree with the scheme as it is seen as a violation of their human rights.

6.4. L - Many laws and policies will have to be passed in many different countries.