Safety in our Environment

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Safety in our Environment by Mind Map: Safety in our Environment

1. Fire

1.1. Stay away from the smoke

1.2. Get low to the ground

1.3. Get out of the house safely and don't go back in

1.4. Wear a mask

2. Animal

2.1. Don't go too close to dangerous animals

2.2. Wear proper gear when riding a horse. helmet, jeans, and boots

2.3. Be gentle with animals

2.4. Bears

2.4.1. Don't feed the bears

2.4.2. Carry bear spray when hiking

2.5. Black bear: make noise

2.6. Stay away from bears

3. Fishing

3.1. Be careful with your rod

3.2. Put your knife in the holder

4. Farm

4.1. Stay away from barbed wire fence

4.2. Never go inside a gate with bulls in it

4.3. Don't go behind horses and cows

4.4. Don't go in a gate without permission

4.5. Don't play in grain bins

5. ATV

5.1. One seat, one rider

5.2. Always wear a helmet

5.3. Never go in a field with dangerous animals in it

6. Sun

6.1. Don't stay out in the sun too long

6.2. Wear sunscreen if out in the sun

7. Noise

7.1. Try not to listen to anything over 85 decibels, If not, wear ear protection

8. Second Hand Smoke

8.1. Don't go around people who are smoke

8.2. If not possible, be downwind of them or keep further away

8.3. Help people quit smoking

9. Hunting

9.1. Be in a safe place when calling animals

9.2. Be careful when hunting close to water

9.3. Only hunt animals you are allowed to hunt