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History by Mind Map: History

1. What we did in history class

1.1. Term

1.1.1. semister Learned about Goverments Learned about Boddies of water Learned about Landforms

1.1.2. semister Learned about a country of our choice and then present the information to the class Learned about a diffrent country of our choice and present the information on international day

1.2. Term

1.2.1. semister Learned about the governent in America Learned about the landforms in America

1.2.2. semister Learned About Europe Learned about the goverments and golden ages of Greece and Rome Made a time line about the things we took on Europe Learned about the wars in Europe Learned about the goverments of Europe Learning about the crusades Learning who where the Crusaders

2. What I think is comming on the last history test

2.1. Goverments in Europe

2.2. Wars in Europe

2.3. Special days in Europe

2.4. Crusades

2.5. Wars in Palestine

2.6. Wars with the Crusaders

2.7. Crusaders against the Muslims in Palestine

3. Teacher

3.1. Mr. Hart