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The Orphan Train by Mind Map: The Orphan Train

1. Story Plot

1.1. Molly is living with Ralph and Dina currently in 2011 in Maine.

1.2. She wants a book from the library and ends up stealing it. She needs to do 50 hours of community service.

1.3. Her boyfriend Jack introduces her to Vivian. His mum is the housekeeper there.

1.3.1. Vivian asks her to clean the attic

1.3.2. During the cleaning, Vivian narrates stories to Molly about how each item came about. She starts from back when her family was in Ireland. Then they moved to NYC for a better life. A fire kills all in her family but her. She is also falsely told that her younger sister died. She gets sent to the Children's Aid Society. She is put on the famous 'Orphan Train', where she meets Dutchy for the first time. Soon she is taken by Mr and Mrs. Byrnes and then by the rest. Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen take her in and bring her up. They rename her to Vivian and she grows old as Vivian. When a teen, she stumbles across Dutchy. They marry. He goes off as a soldier, leaving behind a pregnant Vivian, waiting for him. He dies in the war. Vivian gives birth, heartbroken. She gives the baby away. And eventually marries Dutchy's best friend just because both of them missed him. When she meets Molly, they both hit it off due to the similarities they have. After the story, Molly has a fall out with her folks and moves in with Vivian. Vivian says hello to a new life, even finding her daughter (that she gave away) via Molly and reuniting. She sadly discovers that her sister (who had supposedly died in the fire) was alive all these years. The neighbours who had told her the sister died, lied to her about it. Adopted her and raised her because they didn't have any children.

2. Favourite Quotes

2.1. I've come to think that's what heaven is- a place in the memory of others where our best selves live on.

2.2. People who matter in our lives stay with us, haunting our most ordinary moments. They’re with us in the grocery store, as we turn a corner, chat with a friend. They rise up through the pavement; we absorb them through our soles.

2.3. You got to learn to take what people are willing to give.

2.4. I am not glad she is dead, but I am not sorry she is gone.


3.1. Shows when the characters meet

3.2. Shows order of occurrence

3.3. Shows different times

3.4. Shows important moments in the story

3.5. Green arrow marks show relevance between story plot and events, characters

3.6. Shows fire

3.7. Shows love between the characters

4. Get to know the characters here!

4.1. Vivian

4.1.1. Self-containment Defining moment of her life comes when, overwhelmed by grief after the death of her husband, Dutchy, she gives her new-born daughter away.

4.1.2. Not the ideal role model She is not a traditional “heroine;” no reader would want to emulate her life. For most of her life after she loses her husband, she resists growing or developing. She cannot handle any more pain, so she finds a safe relationship with an undemanding man that allows her to experience a form of happiness, but her life is muted and small compared to the intensity of her feelings for those she has lost.

4.1.3. Open to change Wanted to meet the daughter she gave away when she was 91 and embraced her.

4.1.4. Lives with a sense of self-imposed emotional isolation At least until Molly entered her life, she forced herself to live with the consequences of her 'bad' decisions.

4.1.5. Enjoys genuinely good company As can be seen by how well she gets along with: Fanny in the first house she is sent to. Fanny is a seamstress in the Bryne's house who takes a liking to Molly Miss Larsen who is the teacher in the school that her second adoptive parents sent her to Dutchy, who she meets on the train journey as a part of the Children's Aid Society

4.2. Molly

4.2.1. Believes that no one cares about her Can be seen with her gothic dressing sense Nose ring, multiple piercings, and dyed black hair with a white stripe on one side Has a troubled relationship with her foster parents

4.3. Dutchy

4.3.1. He is streetwise,realistic and cynical. When aboard the Orphan Train , he knows he will be taken by a farm family and used for labour and is eventually right.

4.3.2. He is a man who keeps his promises. He had promised Vivian he would keep in touch with her and was very excited when he meets her after all those years in his show.

4.3.3. Not afraid of change When treated badly at his first home, he runs away and discovers his talent in music.

5. Connections

5.1. 2011

5.1.1. Molly is a young girl of 17. Orphaned young Birth Mother: Donna Birth dad: Unknown Current foster parents Mother: Dina Father: Ralph People she cares about Jack

5.1.2. Vivian A 91 year old lady who lives all by herself in a big mansion. Has no blood relatives of her own currently and has a lot of things up in her attic which require cleaning Has Jack's mum work as a maid for her.

5.2. 1929

5.2.1. Vivian Before Children's Aid Society New York City At Children's Aid Society {vintage pics & film}The orphan trains of the early 20th century had hopes of giving children a better life | Days Gone ByEmailFacebook She meets Dutchy. He and Niamh make a pact to always stay in touch and is taken away at the first Station by a farm family. Post Children's Aid Society Mr and Mrs. Bryne Mr. and Mrs. Grote Miss Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen