Shay & Vinnie want to come over today.

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Shay & Vinnie want to come over today. by Mind Map: Shay & Vinnie want to come over today.

1. Sure come over.!

1.1. Facebook & Pizza.!

1.1.1. Be bored & lazy

1.2. Watch Movies Online.!

1.2.1. Which Movie.? Scary Funny Family

1.3. Google Stupid Things.!

1.3.1. Get bored after awhile :[

1.4. WebCam

1.4.1. ooVoo

1.4.2. Skype

1.5. Talk about Things.!

1.5.1. Moms.!

1.5.2. People

1.5.3. School

2. No I'm kinda busy today. :[

2.1. Order BRM Shirts.

2.1.1. Everyone have their shirt I don't have to rush and get shirts late.

2.2. Clean my room.

2.2.1. Have a clean & fresh room Be motivated to finish decorating my room.

2.3. Finish 2 mixtape covers

2.3.1. Everything will be finish & i don't have to rush tomorrow. Have more time to help pack. Not have to rush to the airport.

2.4. Go Supply Shopping

2.4.1. Have enough supplies for A month. Get more work done without having to go to office max Do more work & get paid more money.! :]

2.5. Wash clothes

2.5.1. I don't have to wash during the weekend. Have family time. Teach my nephew how to crawl.

2.6. Finish a website I'm working on.

2.6.1. Get Paid.! :] Finish decorating my room & get a new camera.!:] Make Videos.!