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Universities by Mind Map: Universities

1. Who?

1.1. Students

1.1.1. Student experience Complaints/appeals from students Health of students Progress files Student accommodation UUK/GuildHE ACOP Student mobility Student welfare Student finance Bursaries, grants and scholarships Channel Island fees Tuition fees

1.1.2. Accessing higher education Admission(s) to higher education Engagement with schools and colleges Mature students Part-time students Pre-degree qualifications Social mobility Widening participation

1.1.3. Postgraduates Postgraduate teaching Postgraduate research

1.1.4. Employability

1.2. Staff

1.2.1. Academic staff mobility

1.2.2. Employment issues

1.2.3. HEPPI (Higher Education Pay and Prices Index)

1.2.4. Management and finance

1.2.5. Pensions

2. What?

2.1. Teaching and learning

2.1.1. Health professionals education

2.1.2. Social care/social work - education and training

2.1.3. Sport

2.1.4. Teacher education/training

2.2. Research

2.2.1. Postgraduate research

2.2.2. Research Excellence Framework (REF)/Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)

2.2.3. Research and research careers

2.2.4. Science and Innovation Framework Review

2.2.5. EU Framework Programme (funding for research)

2.3. Knowledge and technology transfer

2.3.1. Business and industry

2.3.2. Creative industries

2.3.3. Innovation

2.3.4. Intellecutal property

3. How?

3.1. Regulation

3.1.1. Quality and standards Measuring and recording student achievement Plagiarism Student retention

3.1.2. External examiners

3.2. Accreditation

3.2.1. University titles

3.3. Standardisation

3.3.1. Bologna Process