PMB Song Writing Workshop

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PMB Song Writing Workshop by Mind Map: PMB Song Writing Workshop

1. This is totally up for debate - please add/ suggest!

2. Date: 16 July

2.1. Booked

3. Material

3.1. Workshop Notes

3.1.1. McLaren's article

3.1.2. Other notes/ materials

3.1.3. CCLI Stuff?

3.1.4. CD of tools?

3.2. Merchandise

4. Venue

4.1. Maritzburg Christian School

4.2. Food

4.2.1. Tuckshop - organised

4.2.2. Lunch Finger food to support networking/ workshopping

4.2.3. Supper - order at lunchtime

4.3. Presentation

4.4. Workshops

4.5. Gig

5. People

5.1. John vd Laar


5.2. Charlotte Hillebrand


5.3. Mark Houston

5.4. Music & Backing

5.4.1. Drums: Brian Stone

5.4.2. Guitar(s) Mark Houston

5.4.3. Keys: Malcolm H

5.5. Tech

5.5.1. Grant Hillebrand

5.5.2. Live Sound

5.5.3. Recording

5.6. Support & Admin

5.6.1. HELP!

6. Workshop Planning

6.1. Input Sessions

6.1.1. 10h00 - 12h00

6.1.2. Brief Intro Grant H Who's who What this is not Worship leading

6.1.3. "The Anatomy of a Song" John vdL A lot of this seems to be covered by Charlotte - so maybe it's not necessary (and I'm ok with that). I would probably have looked briefly at the different parts (verse, chorus, bridge, hook, pre-chorus, etc.) John, I think you'd probably cover this better than me! I just thought it needed to be in there somewhere, but I'm not particularly familiar with the structure. Some possible thoughts that could add value here: Different types of songs (including the varieties from Biblical/Church history) "An Open Letter to Worship Song Writers" - Brian McLaren ( Songwriting as a "theological" exercise. Perhaps I could say little about lyrics here - Charlotte covers that - but pick up on musical techniques in song writing (although this may be covered by Mark H?): Song themes that the Church desperately needs more of (Lament etc. - see open letter [above])

6.1.4. Wordsmithing Charlotte H Scansion, rythm, Metre: feet(definitely iambs and probably trochees but not all of them!) Relating the number of feet/syllables per line to the time signature. Form (this might come up elsewhere too?) the 'narrative' or structure of common verse/chorus/bridge forms - I will just mention what John vdL said, I think rhyme: end rhyme, internal rhyme, vowel rhymes. Misconception that songs/poetry have to rhyme produces some really awkward-sounding stuff Lyrics Meaning Is this where I say that every word should contribute to the theme/message of the song, and if it doesn't, cut it, because you can do something better with that time? The sound & connotations of words Purpose Wordsmithing 101 > Poem-vs-lyric > Search ? ... Not sure what else/less I need to say. Maybe some stuff about poetic devices? Vater mein, what do you want from me? Basically, about 20 minutes of guidelines and thoughts and hooks to hang thoughts on around words. This can't be a full year course, with reading, theory and practise. It's a heads up and 'be aware' of these things - ringing bells and opening minds

6.1.5. Arranging Mark H What is the song What works/ doesn't Styles Who are you? What is it for Intent Mood/ etc Backing Can they play the way the song requires Recording See other notes

6.1.6. Publishing John vdL "You've written a song. Now what?" "Why did you write it?" Why do you want others to sing it?" Looking at how to get songs "out there" to be used, registering with CCLI and some other info that might be helpful. G: Could we look at formats - chords, leadsheets, etc? Publishing Copyright. Industry "issues". Personal responsibility etc. Recording Probably best to cover under Mark H's stuff? GCH: I can talk a little to the producing space, certainly to recording & mixing & a little to mastering, + some of the 'impartial ears' stuff CCLI Web + Social Media

6.2. Workshop

6.2.1. 13h00 - 15h00

6.2.2. Small 'stations' we can use classrooms as quietish, privat-ish venues The hall stage will have drums & kbd

6.2.3. take your song, work it in the different dimensions Work with other delegates as well Take the time Have coffee etc on sale too!

6.2.4. Words

6.2.5. Arrangement

6.2.6. This will require more people

6.2.7. Create space for peer input/ review/ workshoping Use classrooms? Outside space

6.3. Practise

6.3.1. 15h30-17h00?

6.3.2. Get it doable in public

6.3.3. This could be a time crunch issue?

6.3.4. Backing band Mix & match Some resource people as well drummer bassist KBD

6.3.5. Soundcrew MCS Crew

6.4. "The Gig"

6.4.1. 18h30 - 20h00

6.4.2. (What) do we charge?

6.4.3. Small, informal 'performance' of some of the material

6.4.4. Some thoughts - see the notes under the (=) icon

6.4.5. Recorded Delegates get a CD of mp3/ stems Would have to be after the event - real time is too tight

6.4.6. Order a demo level mix Do a post-production mix

7. Timing

7.1. Start:

7.1.1. 10h00? - I would go with this ( says John vdL) Other votes?

7.1.2. 14h00?

7.2. Gig: 18h30 - 20h00

8. Useful Tools & Resources

8.1. Stuff to help get organised

8.2. Freemind - for working offline

8.3. Music Notation S/W for leadsheets?

8.3.1. MuseScore? Free Does the job, including transposing letter based chords The 'local' manual is enough to get going

8.3.2. I've used Noteworthy - but that's $49

8.3.3. Denemo?

8.4. Recording and Mixing

8.4.1. Reaper $40 - fully functional - for mixing music

8.4.2. Audacity - free for simple recording

8.5. Songwriting sites

8.5.1. CD Baby

8.5.2. Berklee Songwriters


8.6. Dropbox

8.6.1. This is where online versions of mixes will likely go

8.6.2. Or would anyone prefer soundcloud