Callback for Modeling

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Callback for Modeling by Mind Map: Callback for Modeling

1. Attend Callback

1.1. Attending the callback can lead to me having a stable job.

1.1.1. I can make my own money instead of depending on my parents for everything. I can feel a lot more independent. Now I could start doing things on my own with my own money.

1.2. Attending callback could destroy my hopes if I do not get the job.

1.2.1. I would still have to depend on my parents if I do not get the job. My parents might get tired of my asking for money and relying on them. They would be a little disappointed and suggest I still look to be more independent.

2. Ignore Callback

2.1. Ignoring the callback could lead to me not having a job.

2.1.1. Not having a job now means I would have to keep searching for one. Searching can be a lot of work sometimes making me feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I might not be able to find a job or might find one that I am not too interested in .

2.2. Ignoring the callback could be good as well because there is a chance I'd sign with the wrong company.

2.2.1. Signing with the wrong company could be a result of them manipulating my hard work and taking advantage of me. I could get mad and quit or fight to be treated equally. Maybe they would hear me out and resolve the problem or just send me on my way.