Initial Ideas

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Initial Ideas by Mind Map: Initial Ideas

1. Song

1.1. After looking at several different songs, the song that is going to be used is, Sober - DJ Snake Ft. JRY. This song suits our criteria nicely as firstly, It's a POP song and secondly, this POP has not got a music video yet enabling us express our creativity even further to our mindset.

2. Casting / Characters

2.1. The main character is said to be played by a male, Joseph Perry, who is going to be the main focus during the music video. A girl will also be included in the music video in order for the narrative to be completed - boy meets girl narrative.

3. Editing

3.1. Various editing techniques will be used in the music video such as: split screens, whip pans, fast cuts, action match, continuity editing, cut away and short takes will be used in the music video. The split screen idea will be used to show a girl leaning on a wall and on the other side, you see the boy all alone in his room. The ideas is to show the connection between them as well as to show empathize their distance relationship. Fast cuts / short take and whip pans will be used to create a fast pace within the music video as well as creating a smooth transition to the next setting. These shots may not be used for certain considering these are our initial ideas. They may not work with our narrative for which it wont appeal to our audience.

4. Camera Shots / Movements

4.1. During the filing of the music video, numerous amounts of camera shits and movements will be used, to create a more eccentric music video rather than a dull one. A close up shot will be used in the music video a numerous occasions on the main character and the girl in the video, to signify the importance of the two characters as well being able to capture their facial expression (facial code) in order for the audience to get a rough idea on the way they're feeling. An over the shoulder shot will also be used to create a sense that the boy is admiring the girl, all of which links with our narrative. However, to create a unique music video, a whip pan camera movement has been suggested to be included in this video as it would provide a smooth but exciting transition to the next shot, giving a nice fast paced flow within the video. Other shots / camera movements that could be included: reveres shot, mid-shots, establishing shot ( to establish the setting), high angle shots, tracking shot and 180 degree rule.

5. Costume Code

5.1. Knowing the target audience of the music video are aged around 16 - 21, there will be many costume changes through the music video in order to appeal to the audience . Having the same costume in every setting, may make the young audience bored as they want to see something different in each scene. The POP conventions of costumes such as, bright, colourful clothing that are in date with the current fashion, will be followed to appeal and engage our audience to the music video.

6. Setting

6.1. One idea is to film the music video in Shoreditch - London. This location can express our creativity with the use of walls there with many different designs and images spay painted on it etc. which is good for our POP video as its unique as well bringing a sense of colour to the video. A park is another location that the music video will be filmed as well as a house. These will possibly be used as filler shots between the key narrative settings. Other locations are currently being looked at to see whether it will suit our music video e.g. filming at a party or other locations with vibrant atmosphere. The setting is key in order to create a unique music video that is not seen every day.

7. Narrative

7.1. The narrative of this music video will be a 'boy meets girls' narrative. In most cases this narrative is seen in quite a few POP songs such as 'Let Me Love You - Mario'. Knowing there is other products on the market that follow this narrative, will allow the audience to familiarize themselves to the music video as we'll be following the stereotypical narrative. Furthermore, the main male characters will be presented as confused and curious on whether the girl likes him or not. The music video will be filmed in chronological order, showing the process of him revealing the answer on whether the girl actually likes him or not.