Cystic Fibrosis Consequence Map

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Cystic Fibrosis Consequence Map by Mind Map: Cystic Fibrosis Consequence Map

1. Consequences for families

1.1. Costs to Family

1.1.1. time Treatments take up a notable portion of each day

1.1.2. money Our Ontario and Employee benefit plans are able to cover most treatment costs, but we pay just over 8 000 dollars each year for treatment.

1.2. Ethical/legal

1.2.1. What if a treatment I choose ends up hurting my child? What if the long term effects of the treatments lower their quality of life? Gene therapy is still in long-term research stages, so no data could be collected on long term effects.

1.3. Personal

1.3.1. What effects will this have on the child’s life? Treatment Options for CF Cystic Fibrosis My Way: Enzymes and Chest PT with Johnny Violet's Daily CF Medications

2. Consequences for Biotechnology Companies

2.1. Scientific

2.1.1. Will this research or possible solutions lead to new applicable discoveries within science? Continual research, will theoretically lead to one “super pill” that can treat all forms of CF.

2.1.2. What scientific principles will be questioned with this treatment? Ethics

2.2. Ethical/legal

2.2.1. Long term effects of the drugs No current research, as it is still developing longitudinal studies.

2.3. Economic

2.3.1. Will employment rates go up with production of this CF treatment ? If proven successful, jobs will be created to match the supply and demand.

3. Consequences for the Government

3.1. Ethical Implications

3.1.1. Will this cause issue with the church? Roman Catholic Church "Procedures used on somatic cells for strictly therapeutic purposes are in principle morally licit" -Gene Therapy- Church Teaching

3.2. Economic

3.2.1. What are the financial impacts of CF treatment Currently 15k USD for families on average (covered in canada) 260K to 1.2MIill for transplants, depending on organ 300k per year for gene therapy (covered in 9 provinces and territories)

3.3. Social

3.3.1. Potential for increased support from population based on decision on CF therapy

3.3.2. Increased hospital bed availability based on successful gene therapy treatments

4. Consequences for Doctors

4.1. Social

4.1.1. If families are made aware, could more money be raised for CF? Support from others could help the family move forward, as well as help them see that there are lots of others our there fighting CF and they are not alone

4.1.2. What cultures could be affected? This is dependent on the specific drug requirements of each culture

4.2. Personal

4.2.1. Is the treatment going to harm my patient? If the patient reacts to the treatment in a relatively normal way, the treatment should help the patient

4.2.2. If a treatment took a turn for the worse, would it cause people to not want to attend my practice? Utilize a contract to protect yourself, the contract should state that you are not responsible for any abnormal responses to the drug or treatment

4.3. Ethical/Legal

4.3.1. If a drug is administered, could it contain something not okay to be ingested byt certain cultures? All contents of drugs would be disclosed prior to ingestion to ensure that different cultures knew if they could take the drug or not

4.3.2. Could there be an abnormal response in a patient that may lead to legal proceedings? Utilize a contract to protect yourself, the contract should state that you are not responsible for any abnormal responses to the drug or treatment