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Terminology by Mind Map: Terminology

1. Definition.

1.1. Linguistic

1.1.1. Terms are linguistical units that acquire certain value whent are used in specific pragmatical situations

1.2. Cognitive

1.2.1. Terms represent a conceptual unit that is stored in our brains and each time we use them we bring that information to make sense in the conversation

1.3. Communicative

1.3.1. Terms help to identify people from a specific group of, for example, professionals, experts, etc.

2. Acronyms

3. Complex terms

3.1. They are composed by two or more words. Ex: Gay-friendly, environmental-friendly

4. Abreviations

4.1. Omittion of letters, syllables or words from the original term. Ex: Lab(oratory).

4.2. Portmanteau.

4.2.1. A different type of abreviation that occurs when blending two different words into a new one. Ex: Do not = Don´t

5. Initialism

5.1. Use the initial letters of each word of a term and pronounce them separatedly. Ex: United Nations = UN

6. Simple Terms

6.1. They are compoused by one word. Ex: budget, publicity, etc.

7. Use ()mainly the first letters of the words that compose each term and pronounce them as a new word. Ex: AIDS