Ethical issues in Marketing

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Ethical issues in Marketing by Mind Map: Ethical issues in Marketing

1. social profit

1.1. benefit received from community work

2. ethical behaviour in the marketplace

3. business ethics

4. own codes of ethic

5. consumerism

5.1. consumer bill of rights

5.1.1. right to be safe

5.1.2. to be informed corrective advertising

5.1.3. to be heard

5.1.4. to choose freely

6. puffery

7. slotting allowance

8. social responsibility

8.1. serving the environment

8.1.1. environmental stewardship

8.1.2. green marketing earth-friendly packaging etc

8.2. serving society

8.2.1. cause marketing Teinacher rettet Regenwald

8.3. serving community

8.3.1. cultural diversity diff sex diff race diff ethic groups