How to prevent foodborne illnesses

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How to prevent foodborne illnesses by Mind Map: How to prevent foodborne illnesses

1. What are common symptoms of foodborne illnesses?

1.1. abdominal pain,fever,and vomiting

2. What are some helpful tips to prevent foodborne illnesses?

2.1. thaw food in a fridge or a microwave not on a kitchen counter,cook thoroughly to kill bacteria,and prepare food proprerly

3. How are foodborne illnesses treated?

3.1. food borne illnesses can be treated with medicine or by staying hydrated

4. What are five different types of foddborne illnesses?

4.1. e.coli,salmonella,giardia,campylobacter,lysteria

5. What is a foodborne illness?

5.1. foodborne illnesses are caused by food contaminated with bacteria,toxins, and viruses.

6. What are common sources of food that cause foodborne illnesses?

6.1. most common sources of foodborne illnesses are unpasteurized milk,eggs,meat,fish,and poultry

7. Are foodborne illnesses contagious? Why or why not?

7.1. yes because if you have a illness the germs can be spread