The impact of the Internet on people

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The impact of the Internet on people by Mind Map: The impact of the Internet on people

1. Internet is : 1. helpful information 2. available new knowledges 3. simple using

2. Internet in casual life : 1. connection with people thanks to messengers like Viber,Skype,Telegram 2. search for nessesary information outside the home

3. D e s t r o y i n g action of Internet :с 1.time to time u can undersand that feel addiction opening some sites or apps

4. 2.u can have no idea that your mind is becoming stupid like fishes have.

5. 3. the Internet is harm not only for your mind,it's harm for all your organism !

6. Think about it .

7. 3. U feel more confident with the Internet because u can find all information all the time.

8. Thanks for your attention