Climate Change

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Climate Change by Mind Map: Climate Change

1. paragraph 2 how will climate change impact your life

1.1. because it is very dangerous too be in hot wheater or cold wheather because you can not do anything if it is too hot or too cold so i think it should be inbetween because there i a lot of risk you get malaria

1.2. when i am 65 then you can have a lot of climate change because the climate is different .

2. paragraph 2 do you think about the type of food you will and won't be able to buy ? Health as there could be an increase in diseses such as malaria as there will be mosquitoes ?

2.1. well i think there is more chance of it too be wrong because there is already a lot of mosquitoes around and the health would not help a lot around anyways so it think it is a good idea to save you food in case the whole planet starts to starve because of lack of food

3. paragraph 3

3.1. you will not be able to do a lot of sports because of climate change mainly a lot of sports you whent to do will not be able because of climate change

4. paragraph 5

5. paragraph 1 define climate change

5.1. climate change is when there is too much carbon dioxide and the climate is getting hotter and then it will become desserts like the sahara dessert butif there is electrique cars it would be safer for people but if there is too much of something than it is very dnagerouse.

6. paragraph 1 why is it occuring and why is this an importante topic to study

6.1. mainly because of global warming is affecting other people in the world and the places eg sahara desserts should be a lovely place but it just looks like a dessert.

6.2. i think this is an interesting topic because it talks a lot about climate change and you can learn a lot of things because climate change is a very importante topic to studdy and climate change is very importante in life because we get a lot of global warming that can affct our lives and other peoples life we ned to be very carefull about our lives and animal lives .

7. paragraph 4

7.1. natural hazards are dangerouse for your ligfe and other peoples life and it cxan be very dangerouse and un safe and dangerouse to be around

7.1.1. this is a dangerouse thing to around it can cause many damagers to the plants and humans.

8. bibliography


8.2. bibliography for the image above