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OneBarkPlaza by Mind Map: OneBarkPlaza

1. Google Analytics Goals

1.1. Add to cart (Cart page)

1.1.1. /cart/ View cart page on the website

1.2. ContactUS (FORM)

1.2.1. /question/ Submit the form on the Contact Us page (get thank you page)

1.3. ORDER

1.3.1. /checkout/order-received/ Bought the poduct, (need to do thank you page + OTO)

1.4. View Contact Page

1.4.1. /contact-us/ Go to Page Contact US

1.5. Form (Join as a breeder)

1.5.1. /thank-you-a-breeder/ Submit the form on the Join as a breeder page (get thank you page)

1.6. Subscribed

1.6.1. ConvertPlus + SetUp Klaviyo

1.7. Live Chat

1.7.1. event goal "Live chat" Automatic from plagin on Live chat

2. FaceBook Pixel

2.1. Last 5 days on the website

2.1.1. Hot traffic, promote products

2.2. Last 30 days on the website (-5days)

2.2.1. 30 days, remaind about us

2.3. FB Pixel (Add to Cart-10 days)

2.3.1. 10 days - Add to Cart but didn't buy

2.4. Last 180 days on the website

2.4.1. 180 days, Promo

2.5. LookLike Audience

2.5.1. Cold traffic,