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MicroMolecules by Mind Map: MicroMolecules

1. Lipids

1.1. Contains CHO

1.1.1. Long Term Energy Storage More Energy Over TIme

1.2. Phospholipids

1.2.1. Makes Cell Membranes 2 Fatty Acids

1.3. Types of Fatty Acids

1.3.1. Saturated Solids Unsaturated

1.4. Monomers and Polymers

1.4.1. Glycerol Triglyceride

2. Carbohydrates

2.1. Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen based

2.2. Used for

2.2.1. Quick Energy Used to make ATP

2.3. Hydrolysis

2.3.1. Breaking apart bonds between polymers by adding water. Also how energy is obtained by molecules.

2.4. Dehydration Synthesis

2.4.1. Putting monomers together by removing a water molecule to force a bond between them.

3. Proteins

3.1. CHON

3.1.1. Used for Transport Transports Cell Membrane proteins

3.2. Structural Support

3.2.1. Muscle, hair, and nails.

3.3. Catalyze Chemical Reactions

3.3.1. Enzymes

4. Nucleic Acids

4.1. CHONP(S)

4.1.1. Used for Genetic code. Universal among all organisms.

4.2. Monomer

4.2.1. Nucleotide Polymer DNA

4.3. Nitrogenous bases are bonded together by

4.3.1. Hydrogen Bonds

4.4. Sugar for RNA

4.4.1. Ribose Sugar for DNA Deoxyribose