How to Grow healthy Plants

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How to Grow healthy Plants by Mind Map: How to Grow healthy Plants

1. Natural Light

1.1. Cups need to be placed where there is natural sunlight

1.2. Do not place cups where the shade can reach them.

1.3. To grow, plants use energy from the sunlight.

1.4. The plants do not get 24 hour sunlight

2. Oxygen

2.1. Needs to be the same amount of oxygen in each cup.

2.2. 5 holes in each cup

2.3. Plants need oxygen for respiration(Carbon dioxide breathed in and then oxygen breathed out).

3. Temperature

3.1. The plants should be put in an environment with a temperature around 20-30 degrees.

4. Water

4.1. For Plants to grow, they need to access water for an important reason. Photosynthesis is the way which plants make their own food and water is critical for this.

4.2. Needs to be a specific amount for plant to grow healthy

4.3. Plants die without water

5. Nutrients

5.1. Every plant needs a base to grow in.

5.2. Sometimes can be soil

5.3. In our case this is cotton wool.

5.4. Water is the main nutrient

5.5. Plants make their own food.