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Verbs. by Mind Map: Verbs.

1. Eat. she is eating her breakfast.

2. Go. I am not going anywhere.

3. Work. I am working.

4. play. we are playing videogames.

5. make. I am making cup of tea.

6. Draw. I draw everyday.

7. sing. The birds sing every morning.

8. love. we love our mother.

9. wash. always wash your hand before every meal.

10. call. call me when you get home.

11. look. I am looking for my glasses.

12. read. You have to read that book.

13. Have. I have a puppy

14. stop. STop playing on the computer.

15. touch. Donot touch my phone.

16. sleep. I am going to sleep now.

17. Drink. He drinks milk every morning.

18. cook. they are cooking for their mother.

19. clean. I'm cleaning the kitchen.

20. a word or phrase that describes an action, condition, or experience: