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10 Facts about Memorial Day by Mind Map: 10 Facts about Memorial Day
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10 Facts about Memorial Day

It all began with the Civil War

In response to the (approx.) 620,000 lives lost on both sides

General Logan makes it official


First known as Decoration Day

Stemming from the practice of "decorating" graves with flowers, flags, and wreaths

1882 sees the first appearance of "Memorial Day"

Federal Law designates the "official" name of the holiday as Memorial Day in 1967.

The holiday is a franchise

Technically, Memorial Day is part of 11 "federal holidays" created by Congress

Memorial Day holidays are enacted on a state-by-state basis.


James Garfield's finest hour

May 30, 1868

The Tomb of the Known Soldier

November 11, 1921

Memorial Day 1958

November 28, 1984


Rolling Thunder approaches Washington

Memorial Day 1988



Customs included

Logan's General Orders No. 11 stated:


Modern observance of the holiday dicates

Grey Memorial Day

Several Southern States carry on the tradition of remembering fallen Confederate soliders

Something New, Something Old

Although the holiday has it's roots in remembering those that died in Combat, it's become a weekend for much more