Classroom Management

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Classroom Management by Mind Map: Classroom Management

1. A classroom is a place to discover new skills.

1.1. Students participation in the classroom is key for their learning. Teachers must having engaging lesson. Students who lack participation, or are often defiant may benefit from doing class errands. This will make the student feel needed and important as well it will give them a break.

1.1.1. Positive Consequence: Participation Reward students who participate in class.

2. Students should never be embarrassed in the classroom.

2.1. Embarrassing students is no way to punish them. Being put down in front of a class can have very negative consequences and could be damaging to the students confidence.

3. Classrooms are a place of equality.

3.1. Students who do not follow rules and are very defiant and disruptive should be spoke to using a calm natural tone. This will remove tension and keep the class calm. It is also less likely to draw attention from the rest of the class.

3.1.1. Negative Consequence: Misbehaving Students who are misbehaving will receive afternoon detention.

4. A classroom is a place where problems can be solved.

4.1. Students lives consist of more than just school. They have life outside school. Teachers need to let students know that there is always an open line of communication where students can talk to them about any problems or concerns they may have. Being late for class, failure to turn in homework should be discussed one on one.

4.1.1. Positive Consequence: Handing homework in on time. After ten assignments are handed in on time student gets a get out of jail free card for minor assignments.

4.1.2. Negative Consequence: Arriving late for class. Every minute late will be made up on their lunch hour.

5. A classroom is a place where every option matters

5.1. When collaborating in class students may not always agree, in order to take some of the stress of the students, teachers should give each student a preassigned role to play in their groups.

6. A classroom is a place for students to feel safe.

6.1. Bullying and name calling is not tolerated in any classroom, students who are engaged in these misbehaviours must be dealt with one on one. This will make the students take it more seriously. The audience is removed. It will aslo give the student a chance to open up in a private setting.

6.1.1. Positive Consequence: Behavior Students who are well behaves will receive bonus marks.

7. A classroom is a place for people to create and share ideas.

7.1. Students who are unfocused, off-task, or just does not want to participate may benefit from a assigned partner or buddy. This encourages responsibility and accountability for both students. As well as provides great social interactions.

7.1.1. Positive Consequence: focus Students who are finished their work early are allowed silent free time to catch up on other assignments.

7.1.2. Negative Consequence: off-task Student will be asked to do their work or leave the classroom for a break, however, every minute they are gone will be made up after class.

8. A classroom is a judge free zone. Everyone makes mistakes and it is our job to learn from them.

8.1. Most students are already nervous being in a large classroom full of their peers which is why a judge free classroom is essential for a great learning environment. Students with poor peer relationships should be taught social skills. This will help the student function better in the classroom.

8.1.1. Positive Consequences: Relationship Skills Let the student know they are doing well when they are being positive in the classroom.

9. Classrooms are a happy place where everyone can laugh and feel comfortable.

9.1. Students who are upset or depressed, need to get their feelings out. The best way to accomplish this would be to allow time for free writing where students can write in a journal or even draw pictures. This allows them to get what then need out and serves as a quit time for students to be a in a calm environment.

9.1.1. Negative Consequence: upset student will be asked to stay after class to discuss what the problem is.

10. A classroom is a place for students and teachers to learn from each other.

10.1. Teachers must learn what is best for their students. It is not only a teaching job. Teachers are constantly learning. We can benefit by listening to what our students have to say.