Writing a short story

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Writing a short story by Mind Map: Writing a short story

1. Proofread & Finalize

1.1. Submit your story to your teacher.

2. Write and Edit

2.1. Edit your draft and check your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

2.2. Peer correction: exchange your draft with the assigned partner and check each other's writings.

2.3. Remember to comment not only on aspects that need improvement but also on positive ones

3. Structure

3.1. Different paragraphs.

3.1.1. Begin your story with the words given.

3.1.2. Include an introductory paragraph. Make your beginning interesting so that people will want to read on.

3.1.3. Write one or two middle paragraphs where you develop the story.

3.1.4. Add descriptive detail to make it more real.

3.1.5. Include a concluding paragraph, where you bring the story to an end.

4. Think about your topic

4.1. Your story must start like this: "I FELT SO EXCITED WHEN I LOOKED AT THE ENVELOPE"

4.1.1. Your story will appear in the school magazine.

4.1.2. Use a neutral style

5. Research

5.1. Set the scene (where and when it took place)

5.2. Give any necessary background information (what had happened before)

5.3. Conclude the story (what was in the envelope? a letter? happy/bad/sad news?)