Tile panel with Shahada Inscription

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Tile panel with Shahada Inscription by Mind Map: Tile panel with Shahada Inscription

1. The islamic civilisation inferences

1.1. The Islamic people are only loyal to their god.

1.2. The craftsmen are very skilled because this artefact is made with so much detail

1.3. The religion of Islam might have originated in Arabia.

1.3.1. Evidence: The inscriptions are written in Arabic. The most holy Mosque of the islamic people is in Saudi Arabia, Mecca. The islamic people might have started in Arabia and moved out to other countries later.

1.4. These people are very religous

2. Relevant Facts

2.1. It says "I bear witness that there is only one god, Allah, with no associates. And I bear witness that Muhammad is his helper and messenger.

2.2. It was made in Pakistan in the 18th century.

2.3. It is used in funerals to test ones faith in god even when they are dead.

2.4. It is a inscription which is a slight variation of the Shahada( Islamic Profession of faith)

3. Inferences

3.1. It took a long time to make

3.1.1. It has lots of detail on it People wanted to impress their god by making it look very good.

3.2. It was kept very carefully

3.2.1. None of the inscriptions are rubbed off expensive to make Took very good skills to make and took a long time to make. It is made for their god so they want it in very good condition.

3.3. Might have to transport it

3.3.1. It is made in small tiles To big to transport whole so they separate it into smaller pieces.