Traditions and Celebrations

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Traditions and Celebrations by Mind Map: Traditions and Celebrations

1. Understand significant traditions and celebrations of families from a variety of cultural traditions

1.1. Birthdays

1.2. Christmas

1.3. New Years

1.4. Halloween

1.5. Thanksgiving

1.6. Easter

1.7. Remembrance Day

1.8. National Aboriginal Day

1.9. New Years

2. Ask simple questions to gain information

2.1. What is a celebration?

2.1.1. Categorizing items/words by tradition

2.2. What is a tradition?

2.3. Sharing traditions with the class

3. Identify ways traditions are passed on

3.1. Conduct parent interview to find history

3.2. Through oral storytelling traditions

3.3. Invite local First Nations to classroom

4. Explain the significant traditions and celebrations of families from First Nations

4.1. Powwow celebrations

4.1.1. power of music and dance

4.2. symbolic gifts

4.3. art

4.4. traditional foods

5. Identify features of various celebrations

5.1. food and drinks

5.2. music / songs

5.3. dance

5.4. clothing

5.5. gifts / gift giving

6. Connecting ideas to student knowledge

6.1. Express personal thoughts and feelings towards what has been read