A brief history of English

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A brief history of English by Mind Map: A brief history of English

1. Old English

1.1. Seventh Century - 1100

1.2. Norse was injected to the English language

1.3. Period wherein Beowulf was weitten

1.4. more complicated pronoun system

1.5. words are commonly called native english (words that were not borrowed)

1.6. many words borrowed from Latin and Norse

1.6.1. but still majority were Native English

2. Middle English

2.1. 1100 - 1450/1500

2.2. was still Germanic language

2.3. Norman conquest (Old English to Middle English)

2.3.1. Normans came from Scandinavia rulers and landlords French was a language for high class people

3. Modern English

3.1. tremendous expansion of the English Language

3.2. 1500 - Present

3.3. First English dictionary was published

3.3.1. 2500 words

3.4. invention of English Grammar

3.5. only 1/4 are native

3.6. sound changes occured

3.6.1. elimination of a vowel sound in certain unstressed positions

3.6.2. Great vowel shift use of an entirely different set of symbols for representing vowel sounds

3.7. New Topic

4. Anglo-Saxons

4.1. were converted to Christians

4.2. 400 C.E.

4.3. spoke a dialect of Low German

4.4. Established English in England

4.5. had contact with Romans

5. Indo-European

5.1. after 600 C.E.

6. Celts

6.1. has temporary success with Anglo Saxons

6.2. Subjugated or invaded by the Romans

6.3. spoke Celtics

6.4. Lived in Scotland, wholes and Ireland to remain free

7. Sy, Mary Stephanie F.

8. Lee, Alexandre Matthew