Al-'Ilm (Knowledge)

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Al-'Ilm (Knowledge) by Mind Map: Al-'Ilm (Knowledge)

1. Definition and Concept

1.1. State of knowing and something known but not any state of knowing is considered as knowledge unless it reaches the level of yaqin and comprehensive

1.1.1. yaqin = absolute certainty

1.1.2. Comprehensive = quality and quantity

1.2. Focus on two different aspects

1.2.1. 1. The level of understanding 1. Al Wahm = perceiving something wrongly without any basis or clarity. 2. Al-Shak = knowing something with the same level of doubtfulness. 3. Al-Zan = knowing something with certainty but with a slight of doubtfulness 4. Al-Yaqin = knowing something with absolute certainty without doubt

1.2.2. 2. Conform to the reality the quantity of the subject known

2. Sources

2.1. Al-Wahy (Revelation)

2.1.1. Al-Wahy al-Mathu (al-Qur'an al-Karim) All the contents is completely from Allah, without containing any humanly inputs and contributions. Other sources of knowledge derived their valudaties from al-Qur'an al-Karim Contains everything in some cases, solutions and answers

2.2. Observation

2.2.1. Natural Physical Phenomenon of Universe

2.2.2. Human Phenomenon

2.3. Inspiration

2.3.1. Minor Inspiration Every creation will have Spontaneously and naturally

2.3.2. Major Inspiration Serious thinking Power of reason

2.4. Dream

2.4.1. al-Ru'yah al-Salihah 1/46 parts of prophethood only shown to pious people

2.4.2. adghath ahlam Confused dream Cannot be relied and understood

2.4.3. al-Hulm Unfavourable things seen in sleeping this kind of vision comes from shaytan (Devils)

3. Importance

3.1. Differentiates the knowledgeable and unknowledgeable

3.2. Leads to Taqwa

3.3. The first Qur'anic revealation is on acquisition of knowledge

3.4. One of the great attributes of Allah

3.5. A prominent distinction between Adam (a.s) and Angels

3.6. A blessing and honour from Allah to man

3.7. The witness of knowledgeable person is equal to to the witness of Allah and His Angels

3.8. A prerequisite for any forms of responsibilities

4. Classification

4.1. Al-'Ilm al-Mutlaq al-Muhit (Absolute Perfect Knowledge)

4.1.1. Methods of explaining 1. By means of Comprehensive expression 2. By asserting of his knowledge into every minor knowledge 3. By highlighting special areas of knowledge

4.1.2. The objectives of emphasis 1. Attainment of muraqabatillah real feeling and sense of the presence of Allah at all times and situation 2. Having the real sense of Hereafter 3. Unshakeable conviction

4.2. Al-'Ilm al-Mahdud (Limited Knowledge)

4.2.1. Al-'Ilm al-Iktisabi (Acquired Knowledge) Al'Ilm al-Mahdud (Praiseworthy Knowledge) Al-'Ilm al-Fard al-Ayn (Individual Obligatory Knowledge) Al-'Ilm al-Fard al-Kifa (Collective Knowledge) Al-'Ilm al-madhum (Blameworthy Knowledge) Madhum Lidhatini (Blameworthy in its essence) Madhum Lighayrini (Blameworthy for its external elements)

4.2.2. Al-'Ilm al-Wahabi (Gifted Knowledge) Al-'Ilm al-Sha'ri al-Diniy (Sacred Knowledge) Al-'Ilm al-Jibili (Native Knowlege)