"THE SHINING" by Stephen King

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"THE SHINING" by Stephen King by Mind Map: "THE SHINING" by Stephen King


1.1. What I liked

1.1.1. Absorbing and fascinating + well developped plot + mind twister + Round Characters + surprising + masterpiece

1.2. What I didn't like

1.2.1. Nothing at all

1.3. Personnal recommendation

1.3.1. Definitely recommend it + must read


2.1. Cover

2.1.1. Face of a child half iluminated, green light ->Danny, a main character, has "the shining"

2.2. General outlook and layout

2.2.1. Cover = Author's name on the top

2.2.2. Cover =Title cuts the cover illustration

2.2.3. Cover: No tag-line

2.2.4. Complete spine

2.2.5. Back cover: Blurb + no book review

2.3. Published in 1977


3.1. Short Biography

3.1.1. September 21st, 1947 (age 70)

3.1.2. Importance: New author + New defintion of "Horror" and "Suspense" + Cult books

3.1.3. Best remembered for :"King of horror"

3.1.4. Topics: Horror Suspense Science Fiction Crime Fiction

3.2. Other important books

3.2.1. IT

3.2.2. CARRIE


3.2.4. 11/22/63

3.2.5. MISERY


4.1. Science Fiction-Horror

4.2. Plot

4.2.1. Exposition Torrance family = economic crisis, Jack looking for a job = The Overlook Hotel, Danny has nightmares about "REDRUM"

4.2.2. Rising Action Spend the winter guarding the hotel + Danny discovers "the shinning" + Warnings about the hotel

4.2.3. Climax Danny enters room 217 + Hotel tricks + Jack shows bad temperament = Jack's possesion = tries to kill

4.2.4. Falling Action Danny calls Dick + the boiler hasn't been dumped

4.2.5. Resolution The hotel explodes + escape

4.3. Physical and psychological description

4.3.1. Main characters Daniel Anthony Torrance = Danny = "Doc" = has "the shining" = "5 years old" = curious, comprehensive, fearful, intelligent and clever = prime target of the hotel John Daniel Torrance = Jack = Danny's father alcoholic = influenced and possesed by the hotel. Educated + writer " I no longer drink" (p.28) "I haven't had so much as a glass of beer in the last fourteen months. I don't intend to bring any alcohol up here" (p.28) Winnifred Torrance = Wendy = Danny's Mother + traditional wife and mother + depressed + courageous and defends her son. + beautiful "Wendy suddenly felt bad, almost crying bad." (p.37) "golden hair spilling across the shoulders"(p.106) The Overlook Hotel = hunted hotel = dark and mysterious background + wants Danny's power + tricks Jack "The Overlook was built in the years 1907 to 1909." (p. 23)"A man named Robert Townley Watson built it" (p.) + "Beyond the wide front porch, which ran the length of the hotel, a beautifully manicured lawn sloped away to a long, rectangular swimming pool" (p.109) "The playground was beyond the topiary. Two slides, a big swing set with half a dozen swings set at varying heights, a jungle gym, a tunnel made of cement rings, a sandbox, and a playhouse that was an exact replica of the Overlook itself." (p.110) "Beyond the path leading to roque there were hedges clipped into the shapes of various animals" (p.112)

4.3.2. Secondary characters Tony = Only seen by Danny = warns about the Overlook + Danny as an adult "invisible playmate." (p.57)"before Tony had appeared (far away, as he always did, calling distantly)"(p102) Dick Hallorann= cook at the hotel = + has "the shining" + warns Danny + saves them in the end "didn't conform to Wendy's image of the typical resort hotel kitchen personage at all." (p.115 ) "Hallorann had the dark eyes. He was a tall black man with a modest afro" (p.115)"He had a soft southern accent and he laughed a lot, disclosing teeth too white" (p.116)

4.4. Southern Rocky Mountains, western of Colorado, United States + during winter+ rough winter + 70's


5.1. Author's style

5.1.1. Narrative Technique = Internal Focalization + Multiple Focalization + Third-person point of view "She put a hand on Danny's jeans-clad leg and squeezed it" (p.298) "Wendy suddenly felt bad, almost crying bad." (p.37)

5.1.2. Tone: Dark, mysterious, violent "He murdered the little girls with a hatchet, his wife with a shotgun, and himself the same way. His leg was broken. Undoubtedly so drunk he fell downstairs." (p.29)

5.1.3. Type of language = ordinary and familiar language "the fuel pump was all shot to shit." (p.33)

5.2. Message

5.2.1. "Any big hotels have got scandals, Just like every big hotel has got a ghost " (p.48)


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